Picture of Bullet Proof Shield.
This is mine and funwithfire325 shield, I shot it with killerk's pistol (with five rubber bands) and killerk's magnum (also with five rubber bands) (i didn't test with more than five but if you want try it)
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Step 1: Gather the materials.

Rods: 63 Gray (you can substitute with two yellow and a orange connector) 2 blue, 4 Small Green or black.

Connectors:78 Gray connectors, 26 Orange (unless you substitute with the gray rods) 12 Red.

Step 3: Make it bullet proof parts.

Picture of Make it bullet proof parts.
me111 091.jpg
me111 092.jpg
me111 095.jpg
Pic#1-3 make this.

Pic #4 make this.

Step 4: Make the shield bulletproof.

Picture of Make the shield bulletproof.
me111 097.jpg
This step make the shield absolutely bulletproof.

Step 5: Make And Add The Handles.

Picture of Make And Add The Handles.
me111 099.jpg
me111 100.jpg
Pic#1 make 2 of these.

Pic#2Add the handles.

Pic#3 how to hold the shield.
Cartuner557 years ago
it is bulletproof unless a miracle shot; that goes through the holes on the red connectors
Daniel662000 (author)  Cartuner557 years ago