Introduction: Bullet Shell Earrings

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It's really easy to make earrings out of used bullet shells.

You will need:
2 used bullet shells
earring posts
earring backs
strong glue
wire cutters
thin pliers

Step 1:

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Put a cutting wheel on the dremel and cut off the ends of the bullet shells.

Step 2:

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Use wire cutters to trim uneven edges. Then, flatten the edges.

Step 3:

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Glue the earring posts on the bullet shell ends

Step 4:

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When the glue is completely dry, put the earring backs on the earrings.


ajensen27 (author)2014-06-14

is there enough room where the brass doesn't touch skin

chiczgirlz (author)ajensen272014-06-15

The earring posts are wide enough to cover the brass.

friendshiprulez (author)2012-08-16

that's real tough i would try dis 1 day

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