Picture of Bullet Shell Pan Flute
Pan Pipe made by scavenging a few bullet casings and random bits of junk to make a musical instrument perfect for the post apocalypse jam session!

I came up with this for a contest being held over at where we were to build a post apocalyptic musical instrument for under thirty dollars. Being the cheapskate I am I made this one from scraps lying around the house, though to buy the stuff new it would still be under $10.

Super easy to make. Took me about an hour even though I am clumsy as hell when it comes to working with wire. Depending on your choice of supplies it could have easily been finished in half the time. And while they don't sound perfect I was able to belt out a killer 'Ode to Joy' even if it was a bit out of tune.

It has been brought to my attention by instrucatable member kill-a-watt that some very overly paranoid laws may make this build illegal in a few select places. Known locations so far are-

Washington DC and Massachusetts.

Apparently they consider any component of ammunition to be ammunition. For more information  check out this blog post
Thanks Kill-A-Watt!
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11richie214 years ago
i have a few casings but isnt the lead bad for you?

Vecc 11richie214 years ago
the lead is in tip of bullet this casing is made from brass...
rkin5 Vecc3 years ago
lead poisoning can still effect you through that, because of the fact that the brass once held the lead, and that lead particles can still be in the casings.
kill-a-watt4 years ago
I'd like to issue a warning to members living in Washington DC, Massachusetts, and possibly other places. Due to lame laws that don't distinguish between the law-abiding people with spent brass and the non-law-abiding criminals illegally possessing live ammo, this project may be a bad idea.
This project should be OK in most of Free America though. Y'all be careful out there.

Oh, and could I ask the author for a favor? Either tell me the cartridges used or show me a photo of the headstamps? Thanks!
rabidiga (author)  kill-a-watt4 years ago
Oh wow, I never would have guessed there would be a law against a useless hunk of brass O_o thanks! As for the headstamps I'll try to remember to get batteries for my camera tomorrow. Just so you're aware though it's not tuned in any way, it's more for fun than actual music.
Tune with wax, poured into the bottom maybe? I know they tune glassware for playing via rubbing the rims, by adding water to tune them.
jefwithonef4 years ago

This is Jef from Houston Press trying real hard to get in touch with you for a story on your flute. Please email me at jef_rouner at yahoo dot com. Thanks.
where do you get the casings
rabidiga (author)  woodstockbirdy4 years ago
look online to find your local shooting ranges. The one I went to was in the middle of nowhere, just a bunch of hills. You're supposed to take all your trash out but people seem to just leave all the casing on the ground. You can also buy them online, I know a guy on etsy sells them
I looked online but could not find any and there is no local ranges near me

If you are in the US, there has got to be a range near by.

I could also hook you up with a person that's more than willing to show a new shooter the ropes in a safe manner. You could also probably score some free range brass.

I don't know if I have seven different bottle-neck cases on hand or not.

Etsy seems like a bad option. I've seen used .22LR brass go for more than the original un-shot cartridges.

sub8934 years ago
bullet casings??????????????????????!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
peach_fart4 years ago
hehehe... KILLER ode to joy....
MrTearApart4 years ago
Getting ready for the deadline at the outpost, huh? Hahaha. I'm on the wasteland forums under the screen name LIBERTYprime. This makes me want to go to my family ranch and scavenge our shooting range there. Nice work!
rabidiga (author)  MrTearApart4 years ago
DUDE! we need to compile a list of everyone's sites, I've found quite a few people from the wastes on deviantart but you're the first instructable guy I know of :D I've got a few more to get up on here before the deadline too, you planning on entering?
Yup, I am almost finished with mine. Wasteland Elvis is on ibles too, I just forgot his screen name.
you should have a .22 shell at the end!
LegoGuy234 years ago
That would be like a pan-flute from Fall Out or Borderlands. :D
rabidiga (author)  LegoGuy234 years ago
The contest was actually fallout based :) is a fallout forum. Glad I got the effect across though, thanks!
Yes, it certainly was an excellent job you did.
Shadow13!4 years ago
Nice job. I have the same needle nose pliers multi-tool but yours looks in better shape.
rabidiga (author)  Shadow13!4 years ago
I lost my real leatherman years ago, this one is an off brand and half the hidden tools just fall out every time I open it >.<
farzadbayan4 years ago
So nice ... !
rabidiga (author)  farzadbayan4 years ago
lol, thanks :D