I was in my shed today and my eyes fell upon my stockpile of spent rifle cartridges. I recalled Mrballeng's instructable for using 40 cal. shells to make valve caps.

Step 1: Select Some Shells.

I have 40 cal. shells among others, and after a quick rummage through the pile, I  realised that they all looked similar in dimension around the base.
<p>Thanks, these will make a great gift for several friends. One of them is nearly impossible to shop for, but I'm sure he'll love these.</p>
Is this right 531
I bet 591
Cool stem covers, I particularly enjoyed your novel way of cutting the casing<br> with a pipe cutter. I would have used a hacksaw and spent hours leveling<br> and smoothing the the edge.<br> <br> BTW me guess is <strong>439</strong> casings.<br> <br> I got that value by counting what was visible in your clear picture<br> ( all your pics are clear and in great focus ) and multiplying by 5.<br> That is four sides and a center less one that you cut and used.<br> <br> A<br>
The winner! I thought there would be more guesses after 200+ views, but I think nobody is really interested, or could be bothered to read the whole I'ble.<br> <br> BTW, I said guess, not measure,calculate or estimate! :D<br> <br> Anyway, the total at the time was 421. You are very close regardless of the lack of response. Congratulations and thank you for showing an interest in my stuff.<br> <br> There can be a lot of negative reaction to anything involving firearms, so I hope that is not the reason for the lack of response. I was just trying to reuse/recycle something that I had lying around.
what is a patch??<br>
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