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Introduction: Bullet Studded Cuff Bracelet

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This has got to be the most "Rockstar" thing I've made to date. I started out with a leather cuff bracelet from the craft store and cut six evenly spaced holes using a leather punch. I then took six bullet shells and cut them way down to the primers. It was actually harder then I thought to cut them like that without messing up the shells.

What I ended up doing was making a tiny taperd shaft out of a nail. First I used it to punch out the primer cap. Then I kept hammering the shaft through the primer hole until it was nicely wedged. I chucked that into my 8" drill press (laid on it's side) and filed away until the walls of the shell were cut off and filed flat. I then drilled the bullets to have holes which matched the diameter of the rivets I was using. If you try this keep in mind the rivets have to be short enough so you can place the primer cap back on the bullet. 

Finally, I riveted the bullets onto the bracelet by hand. I thought it looked cool to alternate the primer caps between nickel and brass. Thanks for viewing.



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    Really great job.Thanks

    i love bullets and i have some around my house from gun practice so i can hope fully make this

    in my opinion this should be available to buy in the instructables store along side the rifle pen and winchester bullet cuffs

    Doing this!

    How inspiring!! I am so happy to have found your instructable. I think I am going to try to make my Dad a set of leather suspenders like this for his birthday. I am definitely going to follow your work. Thank You so much. :-)

    when you had the nail chucked into the drill press (laid on it's side)... could you have turned it on, and used it like a lathe? I've thought of a couple of projects, and tried to think of a method of chucking the brass onto a drill, then either "checking" it like a grip enhancing thing, polishing, or cutting a perfect ring.

    Good work on the bracelet. Looks very "Rock Star". Do you sell them anywhere?

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    I've use my little drill press on it's side for a whole lot of things. Check my steel butterfly pendant instructable. I think that's kind of what you have in mind just on a smaller scale. As far as selling, I'm finally finally finally going to open an online shop Thanksgiving weekend.

    You sure should do good, mebby' hire a Crew..HAR.! G-G

    I sell some stuff on www.etsy.com There are quite a few websites out there, but this one's pretty slick, cheap, and easy to use. If you haven't seen it yet, you might go look and check it out! My shop name is OkieVet

    I tried you in the search box for "All Things" & w/ a slash after .com but it came back, "We didn't find anything for OkieVet. "


    I sell some stuff on www.etsy.com There are quite a few websites out there, but this one's pretty slick, cheap, and easy to use. If you haven't seen it yet, you might go look and check it out! My shop name is OkieVet

    and you just have bullet shells around the house

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    No =). My brother gave me a few shells to make him some cuff links and I've just had fun making other things. I'm the only guy I know who has bullet shells and no gun=).

    i have no gun also but i just bought about 200 3030, 30-06 and 8mm bullet casings to make jewelery with. the primer ends are great for rings and ear rings, and if cut lengthwise, make a great 20-22 gauge peace of brass sheet btw thanks for the idea if i ever find some leather i'l have to make one

    Ummm... I do. You want some? Being a conscientious packrat, it goes against the grain for me to throw good brass away! I do shoot, but don't reload the shells, so I just have expended casings. I'd be happy to tell you how to get to PayPal, if you might be interested in buying some pieces to work with, over the holidays!

    Wonderful work as always! You inspire me.

    Oh... other thought that I had... this would look pretty slick with a matching guitar strap!

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    Come to think of it I think I saw you on MTV=). Thanks for the great Idea.

    Looks great, did you happen to get any shots of you riveting each one on?