Bullet time (also known as frozen time, the big freeze, dead time, flow motion, or time slice) Is something I've been wanting to have a go at  for sometime but the price of 20 cameras is a bit steep for something I just want to play with.
The bullet time effect was originally achieved photographically by a set of  still cameras  surrounding the subject. The cameras are fired sequentially, or all at the same time, depending on the desired effect. Single frames from each camera are then arranged and displayed consecutively to produce an orbiting viewpoint of an action frozen in time.
Then I thought that maybe I might be able to make it work with 20 web cams on the laptops in my computer class, the results are a bit rough but lots of fun.
Depending on your internet connection  it may take a minute or two for the images to load properly, as they are fairly large gifs.
I would like to put some more gifs on this instructable but I'm finding the more I put on the slower the page loads. If you are having problems viewing the gifs and you are a pro member It may be better to log out and reload the instrcutable so you can view the page one step at a time.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

If you have a computer class, it will make this a lot easier.
  • 20 identical laptops with web cams
  • 20 identical photo software as we have macs we use photo booth
  • Enough tables to fit 20 lap tops on
  • A brightly coloured marker on a stick
  • 20 people who can follow instructions and are co-operative
  • Either a network drive or USB drive
  • Internet access or stop motion program
  • Masking tape
  • Good lighting
Have you tried a program called synergy? it allows you to use one keyboard and mouse on several computers. This suggestion comes from my programmer husband after my brief synopsis of your project. I don't know how well I explained your problem or if this is a viable solution, but thought it worth mentioning.&nbsp;<br> <br> He also suggested input director to try out.&nbsp;<br> <br> good luck
thanks I will have a look at those programs. I would like to set off 80-100 laptops all at once but the apple remote is quite limited as its an IR device. If can get get it to work reliably I would like to do the whole school 530 students, which would be really cool.
Yes I can see both of them, another thing to try would be to line them up side my side like with the Gopros here http://goo.gl/JysmC . Thanks again for the great idea, do you have a class blog?
Thanks for the link I will be trying that at some stage, no blog Im sorry. Its good you can see the kungfu kid on step 7 I don't know why I cant see it
Wow this is such a cool idea, I think I will give it a go with my class next week. I'll post some samples if they turn out.
Thanks nzblitz <br>I would like to know how you go with it. <br>Can you see the second gif on step 7? It seems to of stopped working at my end, I may have to edit the instructable if you can see it.
Obvious question, but it needs asking: did you have parental permission to publish these photos on the internet?
Great! <br>love it!

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