Bullion Rose and Rose Bud





Introduction: Bullion Rose and Rose Bud

This is a simple Bullion rose and chain stitch rose bud.
My mom sewed this for my sister's little baby...here i would show you how you can sew these cute roses and buds

Step 1: The First Ring

I have written the instructions in the pictures for clear understanding...once your first ring is done please move on two the 2nd ring

Step 2: The Second Ring

Step 3: Rose Buds With Chain Stitch

For the Buds we do a chain stitch and for the stems we do a fly stitch
follow the pictures for directions.
These are very simple stitches...but put properly in a nice pattern...you would get a beautiful creation

Step 4: Another Idea for a Christening Robe?

You want another idea for a christening robe? Check this out...it's done with shadow work done closely and french knots



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    I like crafts and this fake flower is really pretty xx

    Thanks you :-)

    it's very nice an simple

    Thanks :-)

    This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    you are welcome :-)

    cute & nicely don
    love and will try it out for shore

    Thanks...please post a picture of what you have done when you do it...would love to see it :-)

    I love this and one of my favourite stich.

    Wow! Very pretty,and easy .