due to the recent waiting for more knex revolvers and not getting one i took building into my own hands and built dual raging bulls which i like to call 'bulls on parade' after the ratm song have a look and tell me if i should post
&nbsp;Maybe make the handle not so huge, and make the revolving part better. <br />
P.S no offence xD
So dose it actually revolve and how far do they shoot?
yes aND YES
'How far do they shoot?' 'YES' LOL!
it shooots. *nods* yes :)<br/>
no offence, but its more like "Balls on parade"
I lUV THAT SONG RATM dominates!
:} yush dey dew
Hmm, bad side view, bad FPS view, bad overall view, bad gun. Sorry!
Cool try oompa's revolver
Sorry forgot to say its not True trigger

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