Step 2: Train Pass and Bike Cover

I had a JR rail pass which is only for tourists. It must be bought outside of the country. It's still expensive, but a lot cheaper than individual train tickets. When bringing your bike onto a train, you have to put a cover over your bike. I used this big brown bag. Later I bought a much lighter bike cover in a dollar store. In the station I partly folded the bike as seen here for ease in wheeling it around.
<p>Senpai. Not &quot;Sempai&quot;.</p>
<p>There's not a big distinction in Japanese between n and m for the ん sound. It's basically both. And in fact, 先輩 is usually pronounced with an m sound, because it's easier to say. Sure, ん is usually marked with n in roumaji, but nobody actually uses that stuff anyway, or really cares if it's accurate.</p><p>Good article ... glad to get more first-hand experiences of this style of camping.</p><p>For my part, I can say I've seen a lot of people do this, and it seems fine. Cops are not jerks in Japan, so even if they do catch you it should be OK. If not, a good ol' gaijin smash of only English should get you off the hook. Famously, they hate talking to foreigners in English, and will avoid it at all costs.</p><p>Camping on or near beaches is particularly popular and nobody gives you a second glance. You can also have a barbecue anywhere you can set one down, including down by a river in open view, even if the area isn't designated.</p>
<p>Are there enough trees around (typically) to sleep in a hammock?</p>
<p>I too did some bumcamping trips through the balkans with two of my friends. We slept at the adriatic waterfront all the time and it was great! I think it&acute;s the best way to travel: It&acute;s dirtcheap and you get too know a lot of nice people.</p>
Major kudos to U2. What a trip!
definetely doing this, but in america.
Not nearly as safe. Perhaps you ought to reconsider?
Man, i can assure you, if i do this, it will not be the most dangerous thing i have done by a long shot. I have many hobbies that are dangerous, questionably legal, and not morally wrong. Something like this might actually be a welcome respite to crawling through drainage tunnels or buildering.
Wow, you got to go before the meltdown! Lucky you! It would be very dangerous to do what you did today! I envy you!
showers? bathroom?
So I'll be in Japan for 6 weeks this summer... hmm... this may be worth a try just to do something crazy!
I feel like I got a little vacation to Japan by reading this. Thanks I really enjoyed it.
Thanks your nice bumcamping report in Japan. I enjoyed very much.<br> <br>The signboard at Ueno Park is looking for the victim not a park attacker. It's too bad, his picture look terrible.
&nbsp;Hi<br /> <br /> This is great, I'm from Africa and our currency isn't great so it would prob be the only way for me to see Japan. I just have one question, where did you wash / use the bathroom?<br /> <br /> Thanx<br />
Definitely an enjoyable read...<br />
&quot;&nbsp;<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px; ">That is just a amazing piece of enginnering right there,&quot; said FaqMan while pointing to the entirety of Japan on the map.</span>
Thanks for sharing your tips and adventures! Really enjoyed. My daughter says we need to do that and is wondering if we can camp near Studio Ghibli.
Absolutely! I don't know where that is, but since it's in Japan, there's guaranteed to be a park, bridge, or mountain nearby!
Interesting as usual! I do miss the style of your old trip logs. I think the Instructables format is limiting your narrative creativity -- i.e., the medium is not matching the potential message. Don't take this the wrong way -- just an observation from a fan of your former reporting style!
I agree. Also, I've read about it enough times without explanation: What's the reason for sewing the boxer shorts fly shut?
I get plaid ones and sometimes wear them as shorts with nothing on top. I sew the fly shut so I don't have to worry about my man-thing flopping out accidentally.
i wear the same kind of underwear LOL and i have sewn every one of them shut too! i don't know what's wrong with them, but the cut always seems 'wrong'... the front doesn't stay closed...!!!! yup so my underwear all have little hand-stitched spots on the front. ... so my wife came in to the bedroom one morning, and there i sat, naked at my desk, still wet from my shower, furiously sewing up the front of my last pair of clean underwear... HAHAHA ah, good times.
Ahh, it all becomes clear.
I am also sure that some state or nation has on its law books a definition of underwear which includes ease-of-access to the plumbing; therefore, by sewing the fly shut, you now have legal outer-wear and you cannot be arrested for indecent exposure. The plaid helps a lot, of course.
That is just a amzing piece of enginnering right there.
is that a papbst in the back ground ???? oohh i want the can
i had a dream of going to japan for only 2 days but when i went to leave my house i woke up:( now im obsessed with going to japan any idea on how mush $ it would be to there from indiana?
Just google for flights there, they're probably not too hard to find. Might not be able to fly direct from indiana though, you might need to go through somewhere else first and then on to Japan
5 star hotels in Japan are like $60 a night
A simple 4 star hotel in Narita, will cost you approximately $280 per night. I lived in Japan (stationed in Iwakuni Marine base), and there are some "hotels" which they look like boxes packed side by side and up 3 high that can cost you just about that per night. They are comfortable, clean, have AC, and a small screen TV, however; if you are claustrophobic.. you'll be for the ride of your life.
I was also stationed in Iwakuni a few years ago. Things down there seem to be more expensive than if you go to another region... it's not just Yamaguchi, Hiroshima (of course) was very expensive, but when we stayed out in Osaka for a few nights, it was surprisingly cheap, something like 40 bucks a night at a pretty nice hotel. For the record, California Chicken is awesomeness when you're out in town tired of noodles
...or yaki soba
To be honest, I never went to any of the soba shops... not even the one down by the the gym/medical center area.. I worked the Navy equivalent of power plants, so I didn't really have any time... every day for lunch was a quick run to Crossroads and usually a taco or sub. ... But... I did hear good things. :) Our barracks were on the north end of base, so when it came to lunch/dinner on days off... since the galley food tore my stomach up, I'd usually make a quick run to Lotteria for the shrimp burger... or Fuji Grand for one of the shops on the top floor. :)
Your comment brings lots of memories. When I stayed there we only had the "tomidachi club" a Wendy's and couple other things. Nice PX.. I lived there one year and left for the Gulf war, after that I was in Korea, and YES !! the Philippines. Did an Asia hop, then left the Corps.. Semper Fi
I was actually in a Navy squadron attached to Mag-12... we were the first to do that. The MCX was great there... everything you needed and then some... GREAT uniform shop... little hard to get Navy stuff ordered in, but thems the breaks. I would've LOVED a Wendy's, not there anymore... the tomidachi club is only what I can assume became the "Honet's Nest"... big club beside near golf course... and if the golf course wasn't there when you were, it was just to the left of the movie theater if you were looking at the south gate. Didn't spend much time there... Navy and Marines get along fine when there's no drinking involved... so, after a little fight made it way back to the barracks we were at (1686) it led to 2 full barracks emptying out and becoming a huge brawl. PMO showed up, said "FREEZE!", most of the Marines snapped to attention, Sailors went running... and that's the last time I went there. lol. BUT... I don't have anything against Marines, they were our brothers out there and we hung out A LOT after that. I even worked some TAD with the supply guys for @ 4 months, which was a bit of a shock for me. Marine's LOVE their PT... a little too much for my tastes. lol Actually got invited to a friends wedding out there on Miyajima... a smidge outsite Hiroshima. So it's not like we were oil and water, just when drinking was involved... ... wow, long rant. Sorry about that. ANYWHO, yeah... Iwakuni was a AWESOME place, I went all over Japan while I was there and Iwakuni always had the "home" feel to it. That's actually why I've been saving my GI Bill to go to college at Temple University in Tokyo, so I can get a degree there and work on teaching English back down in Yamaguchi. We did pretty much the same tours you did I'm betting. Korea, Thailand, Oki, etc etc. I only spent a little over a year there, and I made some of my best memories of the service in Iwakuni... great place.
Lol.. YEAHHHH BAR FIGHTS !!! miss them ... Funny thing my brother in law was in the Navy and stationed in the same base for a few months, so I went out "drinking" with my buddies, I guess he did the same and a fight broke up.. got caught in the middle of it, got hit on the back of my head, turned around punched the living sh...t out of the guy and >>> Oh my ... holly sh...t ... was my brother in law.. he didn't talked to me for about 2 days.. years later we still laugh about it. .. You know, us jar heads, are brain washed and fighting is a hobby.. too much testosterone ... I served 1 year in the USS Inchon and USS Nassau .. Hated those da....d ships... worked my butt off... you know what the say: " join the Navy see the world... join the Corps police call the world... Yeah, the golf course was there in 1990. Loved Japan... great place to be, very friendly people
People who have never experienced Japan are definitely missing out. Unfortunately Japan has changed alot since the days when I was there ( mid to late 80's ). I still have in-laws in Hiroshima so luckily I still get to go back from time to time. Some day I would like to travel the entire country to see what all I have missed. Until then I still have Iwakuni...yeah!
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go back. is one of those things, first university, then work, then family ... well I hope I can go back one day. I would like to do that as well, travel the country, specially visit the birth place of Aikido O'Sensei' s old school. regards Pedro
The Tomadachi club was on the Mainside ( the side where the Main PX is located ). The Wing side ( near C gate ) had another club that I can't remember what they called, but, basically only enlisted Marines were permitted inside. The club next to the Main gate and the movie theater didn't exist back in the day! We spent more time out in the ville when I was there ( 4 corners to 3 corners )...those clubs rocked...especially Sorrento's.
Or maybe you know what they are called? (the tiny bunk room things, that is) Thanks if you do!
Do you know what they are called? (the tiny bunk room things, that is) Thanks if you do!
Capsule Hotels - Most offer some extras like a Sauna, Coffee Shop etc, some (most of them) have been known to refuse service to foreigners.(Mostly because they do not respect their strict rules and are too loud). My advice: don't plan on spending more than a night in one. Business Hotels are much nicer, and for the few extra dollars you get the privacy. P
Excellent! Answered perfectly for me, thank you.
glad could help
Ah Iwakuni...I still long for those days. MAG-15 1980 - 1984 and 1987. I still go back from time to time...my wife is from Hiroshima!
Marines....hmmmm.....better than those darn VFA guys, I suppose
Oh yeah, lots better!
I think you may have started a new fad. Couch Surfing is hard when traveling out of the USA.
If you need stuff while travelling in Japan, try to find an 'off house' or 'hard off' store. They are a popular chain of second hand stores throughout the country. There is a high turnover of belongings so second hand items can be very good quality and cheap. Plus there are always loads of small items that make great omiyage (souvenirs), for people back home.
Haha yeah! when I went to japan I found one of those... I loved the electronics section. Picked up a working gameboy made in japan for 200 yen...

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