Bungee Paper Towel Holder




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Introduction: Bungee Paper Towel Holder

Bungee cords, is there anything they can't do?

Step 1: Step 1 of 1

Find a bungee cord, put in a couple nails or screws, hang the towel roll.

The towel-surface friction should keep it from getting any crazy self-unrolling ideas.



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    I had to make it due to my crazy cats

    Works great. Really easy with mesh wire shelf.

    I'm gonna use this idea to hang my towels. This is brilliant.

    could this work with the tv in my bathroom?

    if I start hanging toilet paper all over the place will people start shitting all over the place?

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    you're from New Jersey, right?

    very nice solution but I'd like to highlight a critical flaw in your implementation. The installation follows the 'underhand' specification and as I'm sure you are aware the overhand is the industry standard, from the wiki "This method allows the defecator easy access to grab the toilet paper and pull off the desired amount of paper, as the roll spins toward the user. This, in fact, is the protocol advocated by the toilet paper industry itself, including at Scott Paper's factory (the inventors of toilet paper in 1907). Since the industry designs toilet paper to be used overhand, designs that are patterned, quilted or printed upon toilet paper are found on the outside of the roll; i.e. so that it is displayed. In institutions where there is a defined protocol (e.g. Marriott, Holiday Inn/InterContinental Hotels, United Airlines, the U.S. Army), the "overhand" method is specified." No shit.

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    radiorental, I fully support your views in regards to toilet paper orientation. Our family has been strictly overhand for at least two generations. As any right-thinking family would be. However, this is a garage paper towel application: A low usage system in a high traffic area. I felt justified in resorting to the unconventional underhand spec. Also from the wiki "...keeping the paper closer to the wall by dispensing from underneath provides a 'cleaner less intrusive' environment, especially in close quarters." Again thank you for the comments and the surprisingly intersting reference.

    I completely appreciate the intricacies of your application and suggest you fully deploy an entire roll and re-install it on the base receptor for use in the underhand method, thus allowing the now inward pattern to both be displayed in its full glory and completely absorb the fecal matter as designed by the manufacturers... just a suggestion is all

    lol. crazy. But ya, good one. Simple and Sweet. i like it!