Bunkbed Stairs





Introduction: Bunkbed Stairs

We have a bunkbed for our daughter and we wanted to make another stair for our daughters bunkbed.

The current stair was small, narrow and not nice to walk on.

We wanted to build something with bigger and more stable steps.

Step 1: Step 1 Planning the Steps

We did a measurement of the area in question and started planning.

The size we decided to go on was 2100mm x 600mm

The size of the supports was selected to be 95mm x 45mm as this was something we had

We started the planning of the steps.

The steps was planned in relation to the boxes we had.

Let me know what you think

Step 2: Step 2 Planning the Height

The planning of the height was set according to the height of the bed.

The height of the frame was 1400mm

We decided to go with





Step 3: Step 3 Adding the Top

We used an old tabletop as the steps and cut into the sizes

Step 4: Step 4 the Final Drawing

The final drawing was made and we started the build.

The low step was changed a bit ind the final build.



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    Kids bounce on stuff. I feel very uneasy about the lack of braces. The taller steps could collapse with a child on top.

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    I understand you concern.

    The stairs is an initial build and we will be adding backplate, sides and a railing.

    We have tried the steps with a 90kg person with no problems. The construction didnt seem unstable.

    We we sometime in the future have done the final build I will put up a picture

    Nice idea but not against the widow. If by chance anyone would loose their balance for whatever reason, they are going through that window. I would move the ladder/steps to some other place. JMHO

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    hi I understand your. concern but we don't have any other options.
    we plan to put railing on in the future

    I am not saying your project wasn't a good one, only the placement of it. It wouldn't be the first person to crash through a window from a bunkbed setup. I was only trying to head off a serious situation from possibly happening. That's all. You did a good project though.

    My nephew needs these for his room! The ladder rungs are square and small so they hurt his feet.

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    that was exactly our issue and wasn't good for adults either

    Don't you be afraid because of the window? It is a nice solution but the window seems a bit dangerous

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    hi we don't think that the window will be a big issue. but more the drop from the side at night. we are thinking about making some kind of railing