This is a video of the Bunny Box in action.

Step 1: Your Materials

You need the follow materials to make your very own Bunny Box:

1. A large fairly cubical box to form the main part of the habitat.
2. Soft rags and clothes
3. An orange juice carton
4. A long box in the shape of a rectangular prism
5. A strawberry/ blueberry crate
6. A glue gun
7. Glue sticks (The type that go into the glue gun!)
8. A macaroni box

*These are all easily acquired materials that are in the average recycling bin (Except for the glue gun & glue).*
<p>also that bunn looks soooo much like mine!</p>
<p>Yeah! What is a &quot;Bunny Box&quot; anyways?</p>
Video doesn't exist anymore :(
When was the last time you checked the time stamp on your camera?

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