Introduction: Bunny Spray-paint Idea!

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Step 1: Makeover

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My bunny needs a makeover! :) he's for my garden :)

Step 2: Need

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Acrylic paint Paint brush Plate Spray paint

Step 3: Spray Paint

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Spray paint him your choice of color

Step 4: Dry

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When all paint let him dry for 15min

Step 5: Acrylic

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You'll need white pink and any eye-color of paint your choice

Step 6: Dip

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Dip your brush into the white paint

Step 7: Paint

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Paint his whole eye white and let dry for a Little bit

Step 8: Dip

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Dip your brush into pink paint

Step 9: Paint

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Pant his nose pink this is optional to paint his ears pink on the inside

Step 10:

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Optional to paint his ears

Step 11: Paint

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Dab your brush in to any color and put a dot in the middle if his eye

Step 12: Paint

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Paint his tail white :)

Step 13: Finished

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After he's all dry put hime back in your garden hope this helped like and comment thanks have a awesome day!! :)


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