These bite-sized burgers will be a hit with the kids & company! This delicious mini burger sits upon a nice slice of potato - grilled to a crisp (yet soft on the inside) - with a little ketchup and cheese to top it off!

Everyone I know loves french fries. If my son and I get fast food, I like to steal a few of his fries and put them on my burger (in between the buns). Yes, that may sound weird! But, it's really good! You eat fries with your burger - why not put your favorite things all together into something bite-sized and delicious! And, although potatoes have carbs in them, I still think this is healthier than eating a real bun with your burger.  Lastly, my son (who hates burgers) absolutely loved these. Who knew you could make things bite-sized and fun and suddenly kids love them!

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Step 1: Prepare the Burgers & Potato Slices

  • Potatoes (peeled) - at least one per person you anticipate to be feeding
  • Hamburger Meat
  • Cheese Slices
  • Ketchup
  • Salt & any other seasonings you plan to use on your potato slices & burgers
Peel the potatoes & cut slices about 1/2 an inch thick. I made a couple of my slices into hearts, to be weird! :) Do whatever you like! Once you have enough sliced up, then you'll need to cook these a little bit to soften them. But, you need to be careful not to overcook them. I personally put them into the microwave covered (with a tablespoon of water) for a minute. Then, I mixed them around and did one more minute in the microwave. They were soft, but not falling apart. After that, I wanted to keep things low-fat so I sprayed them with non-stick cooking oil and doused them with salt and pepper and some garlic.

Then, prepare the little mini burger patties. I used a round cookie cutter to cut and form small round burger patties. Try to keep the thickness and size as consistent as possible. Mine were a bit more than a half an inch thick.

Grab your cheese slices and ketchup and go out to your grill.
Looks tasty.<br> <br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfsT-qYeqGM" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfsT-qYeqGM</a><br> <br>
Indeed, but your link really is inspiring, too. My health issues all but disappeared when I left all the crap out and substituted it with fruit. No more cravings after only 3 days, too.
Hollllyyyy...Congratulations :)). I wonder ( all the time) why this was not first :(. <br>But I am glad you won:)
This is so cool, great idea, looks soooo good
Great idea... I think I'll try it with grilled squash to lower the carb count!
Awesome idea with the squash - hmm ... sounds like nearly any hearty vegetable could stand in for a bun. Perhaps a mild eggplant or another root vegetable?
I agree. I would also love it with sweet potato slices!
Nice - sounds good!
This looks amazing!!! What a great idea!
Ideal finger food for the barby. I reckon I could knock off a half dozen of these while I wait for the steaks to cook. Quick, easy, tasty and cheap - the perfect recipe! Only problem is I have to wait 'til Saturday to get the barbeque going. <br>And you're not alone putting chips on burgers - it's one of my favourite things too.
Thanks for the comment Harry! :) I'm thinking of making these again tonight! :) I'll prepare a lot more than last time though - we ate them up way too fast!
I like it. Great idea! :-)
Now we are talking. Perfect size for kids. Adults can eat several or several more!
:) Definitely!!!
This is a great idea! We will definitely plan to do this as an alternative to burgers. <br> <br>Although I am curious why you mention that keeping it low carb is healthy, and then you contradict yourself and say you want to keep it &quot;low fat&quot; and use nasty non-stick spray. Just put some butter on them and be done with it. That will keep it much healthier than putting soybean or canola oil on it. <br> <br>Also, what kind of cheese did you use? It looks very melty. :)
Hi there! Thanks for the comment. :) The cheese I used was some Sargento ultra thin colby-jack - just what I had in the fridge. About the low carb comment - well I didn't mean much by that or my other comment. I have some close relatives who lost about 40+ pounds each with eating with a low carb diet. I've been around them a lot and they've rubbed off on me a bit! I prefer to skip out on the buns due to stomach problems personally - and I love potatoes - carbs or not! I don't think I was contradicting myself - I think you can have low carb and low fat at the same time! But, what I wrote didn't make sense because potatoes are not low carb - but might have less than hamburger buns! And about the non-stick spray - I just use what I have on hand!
There great for a snack , Thank You
Will add to my gluten free recipe board!
Great - thanks!!!! :)
I AAAAAAMMMMM SOOOOO HUNGRY loooking at this! this is something to try :-)
I want some I want some...om nom nom om nom nom :) This looks so mouth watering Holly, I bet they taste as great as they look. <br>Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks so much Tarun!!
And you just got my vote :)
Love the idea! I always put fries on my burger, so you're not weird, or maybe we both are haha. Thanks!
That's awesome!! I'm not alone!! ;) weird is cool anyway!
These look great--I think I'll add them to the 11 year old birthday party menu! ...And what a cutie in his robot shirt! :) My hubby and kids all have one too! Always love your instructables Holly! <br>Nat :)
Aww thanks Nat! :) Awesome! I hope the kids like them. :) The potatoes were a huge hit with my son - made them today on the grill again - but with some bbq chicken. I told my son your comment - he laughed! :) The shirts are awesome - I gave one to my dad recently and he loves it! Wasn't sure he would wear it but ran into him at the VA hospital when I had an appt (and he did) and he (and my son) were both wearing the same shirt - too cute! :)
Fiendishly tempting! Thanks for sharing a great idea!
Delicious! great Instructable!
Thank you!!! :)
Oooooh! What a delicious cheeseburger you made, Holly! :-)
Thanks Mario!
Looks tasty! Gotta try it this weekend and see if the kids go for it. Thanks!
Awesome - no problem! :) Hope they like them! Maybe those big huge burgers we usually make are just too overwhelming for the little ones! :)
They look great! A nice little snack for when the kids get home from school.
I ♥ cheeseburgers
Don't we all! :)
You know, I never did make those bacon pops, but these are for sure getting tested out. I use the grill 90% of the time and this idea is fantastic. Really creative. These would even make excellent one bite appetizers at bbq's. can't wait to give these a try (for real this time)
Awesome! :) They are good one bite appetizers for sure! I'm going to make them again tomorrow - but lots more. They're really good - and cook super fast too! I hope you like them!!!
sounds yummy
Wow! They really are mini and look delicious!
Thanks!! Yeah they are small! Just wish I would have made more!! They were good!

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