Burger Bites with Real Potato Slice Buns

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Picture of Burger Bites with Real Potato Slice Buns
These bite-sized burgers will be a hit with the kids & company! This delicious mini burger sits upon a nice slice of potato - grilled to a crisp (yet soft on the inside) - with a little ketchup and cheese to top it off!

Everyone I know loves french fries. If my son and I get fast food, I like to steal a few of his fries and put them on my burger (in between the buns). Yes, that may sound weird! But, it's really good! You eat fries with your burger - why not put your favorite things all together into something bite-sized and delicious! And, although potatoes have carbs in them, I still think this is healthier than eating a real bun with your burger.  Lastly, my son (who hates burgers) absolutely loved these. Who knew you could make things bite-sized and fun and suddenly kids love them!

If you like this - please vote for me - thanks!

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Step 1: Prepare the Burgers & Potato Slices

Picture of Prepare the Burgers & Potato Slices
  • Potatoes (peeled) - at least one per person you anticipate to be feeding
  • Hamburger Meat
  • Cheese Slices
  • Ketchup
  • Salt & any other seasonings you plan to use on your potato slices & burgers
Peel the potatoes & cut slices about 1/2 an inch thick. I made a couple of my slices into hearts, to be weird! :) Do whatever you like! Once you have enough sliced up, then you'll need to cook these a little bit to soften them. But, you need to be careful not to overcook them. I personally put them into the microwave covered (with a tablespoon of water) for a minute. Then, I mixed them around and did one more minute in the microwave. They were soft, but not falling apart. After that, I wanted to keep things low-fat so I sprayed them with non-stick cooking oil and doused them with salt and pepper and some garlic.

Then, prepare the little mini burger patties. I used a round cookie cutter to cut and form small round burger patties. Try to keep the thickness and size as consistent as possible. Mine were a bit more than a half an inch thick.

Grab your cheese slices and ketchup and go out to your grill.
rf7 months ago
antioch rf7 months ago
Indeed, but your link really is inspiring, too. My health issues all but disappeared when I left all the crap out and substituted it with fruit. No more cravings after only 3 days, too.
Hollllyyyy...Congratulations :)). I wonder ( all the time) why this was not first :(.
But I am glad you won:)
Blechmen9 months ago
This is so cool, great idea, looks soooo good
Great idea... I think I'll try it with grilled squash to lower the carb count!
Awesome idea with the squash - hmm ... sounds like nearly any hearty vegetable could stand in for a bun. Perhaps a mild eggplant or another root vegetable?
HollyMann (author)  martiro79 months ago
I agree. I would also love it with sweet potato slices!
HollyMann (author)  jshanmugasundaram10 months ago
Nice - sounds good!
cas67679 months ago
This looks amazing!!! What a great idea!
HollyMann (author)  cas67679 months ago
Harry Gumboot10 months ago
Ideal finger food for the barby. I reckon I could knock off a half dozen of these while I wait for the steaks to cook. Quick, easy, tasty and cheap - the perfect recipe! Only problem is I have to wait 'til Saturday to get the barbeque going.
And you're not alone putting chips on burgers - it's one of my favourite things too.
HollyMann (author)  Harry Gumboot9 months ago
Thanks for the comment Harry! :) I'm thinking of making these again tonight! :) I'll prepare a lot more than last time though - we ate them up way too fast!
Steve_N9710 months ago
I like it. Great idea! :-)
tiedyedshop10 months ago
Now we are talking. Perfect size for kids. Adults can eat several or several more!
HollyMann (author)  tiedyedshop10 months ago
:) Definitely!!!
wdsims6310 months ago
This is a great idea! We will definitely plan to do this as an alternative to burgers.

Although I am curious why you mention that keeping it low carb is healthy, and then you contradict yourself and say you want to keep it "low fat" and use nasty non-stick spray. Just put some butter on them and be done with it. That will keep it much healthier than putting soybean or canola oil on it.

Also, what kind of cheese did you use? It looks very melty. :)
HollyMann (author)  wdsims6310 months ago
Hi there! Thanks for the comment. :) The cheese I used was some Sargento ultra thin colby-jack - just what I had in the fridge. About the low carb comment - well I didn't mean much by that or my other comment. I have some close relatives who lost about 40+ pounds each with eating with a low carb diet. I've been around them a lot and they've rubbed off on me a bit! I prefer to skip out on the buns due to stomach problems personally - and I love potatoes - carbs or not! I don't think I was contradicting myself - I think you can have low carb and low fat at the same time! But, what I wrote didn't make sense because potatoes are not low carb - but might have less than hamburger buns! And about the non-stick spray - I just use what I have on hand!
L4CAS10 months ago
There great for a snack , Thank You
flyingpuppy10 months ago
Will add to my gluten free recipe board!
HollyMann (author)  flyingpuppy10 months ago
Great - thanks!!!! :)
kerikins10 months ago
mmaanimal10 months ago
shazni10 months ago
I AAAAAAMMMMM SOOOOO HUNGRY loooking at this! this is something to try :-)
I want some I want nom nom om nom nom :) This looks so mouth watering Holly, I bet they taste as great as they look.
Thanks for sharing :)
HollyMann (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya10 months ago
Thanks so much Tarun!!
And you just got my vote :)
Knatcal10 months ago
Love the idea! I always put fries on my burger, so you're not weird, or maybe we both are haha. Thanks!
HollyMann (author)  Knatcal10 months ago
That's awesome!! I'm not alone!! ;) weird is cool anyway!
doodlecraft10 months ago
These look great--I think I'll add them to the 11 year old birthday party menu! ...And what a cutie in his robot shirt! :) My hubby and kids all have one too! Always love your instructables Holly!
Nat :)
HollyMann (author)  doodlecraft10 months ago
Aww thanks Nat! :) Awesome! I hope the kids like them. :) The potatoes were a huge hit with my son - made them today on the grill again - but with some bbq chicken. I told my son your comment - he laughed! :) The shirts are awesome - I gave one to my dad recently and he loves it! Wasn't sure he would wear it but ran into him at the VA hospital when I had an appt (and he did) and he (and my son) were both wearing the same shirt - too cute! :)
paganwonder10 months ago
Fiendishly tempting! Thanks for sharing a great idea!
lgiuliani10 months ago
Delicious! great Instructable!
HollyMann (author)  lgiuliani10 months ago
Thank you!!! :)
M.C. Langer10 months ago
Oooooh! What a delicious cheeseburger you made, Holly! :-)
HollyMann (author)  M.C. Langer10 months ago
Thanks Mario!
glenngarf10 months ago
Looks tasty! Gotta try it this weekend and see if the kids go for it. Thanks!
HollyMann (author)  glenngarf10 months ago
Awesome - no problem! :) Hope they like them! Maybe those big huge burgers we usually make are just too overwhelming for the little ones! :)
SpringRobin10 months ago
They look great! A nice little snack for when the kids get home from school.
mikeasaurus10 months ago
I ♥ cheeseburgers
HollyMann (author)  mikeasaurus10 months ago
Don't we all! :)

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