Burger Mismatch


Introduction: Burger Mismatch

Incompatible burger to bun - manual bug fix.

Summer is here! Okay, I got the burgers, I got the buns, but wait! They're not the same size!

What do I do with a burger that is twice as big as the bun?

Sure, I could cut it in half, but now it's a weird shape and it still sticks out of the bun.

1. Here's the solution to cutting a burger in half and still getting two shapes that fit on the bun.

2. Cut the burger in an "H" or football shape.

3&4. Re-arrange the shapes so that they now fit on the buns. That was easy!

5. Wait, my cheese is too big as well.

6. Fold all the corners in.

7&8. Flip it upside down. Peel the top off and put it on the other bun.

9. Result. Perfect burgers.



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    tipaklong it means sometimes the burger is smaller than the cheese so it hangs over and burns so she was telling you fold the cheese in so it dont.

    I don't understand this one...
    "5. Wait, my cheese is too big as well. "
    Cheese is never too big!
    It doesn't make sense!


    But what about the cannot divide by pickle error?

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    Just make sure to keep 'em cool to avoid the BSOB (blue screen of burgers)

    I'm glad you guys are here to save me from mismatched burgers and buns. Or else my life would have lost its meaning. :P


    Hmmm, this instructable deals more with how to fit a large burger on two smaller buns, not how to make a burger fit a bun. Still, neat trick, good for making little burgers for little kids so they think they're getting a big man burger.