How about a burger and a shake...cupcake?  These make great summer treats!  I decided to add a level of difficulty by adding instructions on how to actually bake in your bbq grill.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Since it seems like every instructable I see has a photo of ingredients, here is the requisite photo.

You'll need
Yellow Cake Mix (Bun)
Chocolate Cake Mix (Burger and chocolate Shake)
6 Eggs
Sesame Seeds
Strawberry (Tomato)
Apple (Red Onion)
Peach (Cheese)
Mint Leaves (Lettuce)
Lemon or lime (to keep fruit from browning)

Aluminum cupcake liners (this way you don't need a muffin tin)
Party Picks (to test the cupcakes and also to hold them together)
A straw

To make the whipped cream for the shakes
Whipped Topping 
Cream Cheese
Powdered Sugar

Missing are water, straw, and sesame seeds.
thats sooo cool that you actually made them ON the grill!!
Those cupcakes are the cutest! You showed some real ingenuity making them and the steps are very clear. I missed out on voting but hope you won.
Thank you! I didn't end up winning with my burger and shake cupcakes, but I did win with another cupcake!<br><br><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Robotic-R2D2-Cupcake/">Winning Cupcake</a>
This is a nice ible! Thanks for sharing your hard work! Best of luck.
Thank you very much!
That is the most cutest, adorable and creative thing I have ever seen! :D<br>I love the pics. Nice job!<br>I am so going to try this over the summer!
Why thank you! I love instructables and was excited to dream this up for the cupcake contest! I had them last night with guests and they were refreshing and fruity!
Awesome! :D<br>I hope you win!!
Thank you! You are too kind!

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