I saw this technique on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the food channel some time ago and have made several versions, This one I'd call a chili dog if that name wasn't already taken

Step 1: Shopping List

as with any of my food guides please feel free to substitute your own favorite seasonings or ground meats

 1lb of ground beef
  1 packet of chili seasoning
 some chopped onion
 Steak sauce (not pictured)
 salt and pepper
<p>The dish looks good. I will try this in the future.</p>
<p>Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Poderak! The burger logs are really good when grilled, but they are also a conversation starter. People don't expect a sausage shaped hamburger, like I said in the &quot;ible&quot; I like using a hard roll but I've also served them in a wrap/tortilla and a pita shell as well as the regular hotdog roll !</p>
Is it safe when you boil the meat logs with the plastic?
<p>I'm not sure what you mean, as long as you use tongs or be careful as <br>you pour out the water it should be as safe as any other cooking method. <br> If you are concerned about leeching, you inhale more carcinogens in one <br> minute driving in traffic than can leech out of plastic in a year</p>
It looks great.
what a good idea.i will try this soon.
Thank you for commenting ! When you try it please let us know what changes you make
Man, that looks gu-u-uuud! Almost as good as my molten ham, egg and cheese triple Decker. <br> <br>Not the healthiest food on the planet, but it'll make ya happy on the way to a coronary. :-) <br>
why is it that the best tasting foods are the least good for you? LOL..Thank you for commenting
Wow. Yum.
they ARE yum, whether as a plain burger log or with a flavoring like chili, taco or BBQ sauce, I've even done the 2nd cooking in the microwave for a quick sandwich on the go.. thank you for commenting

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