Introduction: Burglar Alarm in a Coin Bank Rabbit Using Arduino

This tutorial is brought to you by ALP Electronic Innovation
Our Coin bank Rabbit equipped with Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.

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Step 1: Prepare All the Components

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Construct the circuit as shown.

Step 3: Add the Ultrasonic Sensor

Connect the following:

VCC to arduino 5v
GND to arduino GND
Echo to Arduino pin 3
Trig to Arduino pin 2

Step 4: Add Optocoupler

The sound is optional if you have a separate project kit.
Use the Optocoupler and connect to Pin 4 of Arduino Uno.

Step 5: The Coin Rabbit

Install all LEDs inside the Coin rabbit's eyes & hands.
Also, the Ultrasonic distance sensor. 

Step 6: Test the Project

Test the sensor.
Supply 9 volts battery of from Power Digital Supply to your Arduino.


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Thanks Sasygirl, I hope can help..

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