Burn Yourself With Big Red Gum





Introduction: Burn Yourself With Big Red Gum

This is a neat trick that will cause severe pain, and a red mark. You don't really need much for this, a stick of Big Red, some saliva, and a high tolerance to pain.
You'll need:
-A stick of Big Red Brand chewing gum
-The wrapper from the gum

Step 1: Unwrap the Gum

Very easy, simply unfold the tabs on the wrapper and remove the stick of gum

Step 2: Chew the Gum

Take the stick of gum you removed from the wrapper (Don't place the wrapper in your mouth), place it in your mouth, and chew. Don't do this in any other order no matter how funny it may seem.

Step 3: Chew the Gum for 3 Minutes

Move your lower jaw up and down, with the gum in your mouth for three minutes. Enjoy the flavour, it is good gum.

Step 4: Lick the Wrapper

Take the wrapper (you saved it didn't you?) Lick it then stick it to your forehead.

Step 5: It's Gonna Hurt

It won't hurt right away. Give it about 30 seconds.

Use it how ever you see fit, but remember, it's only funny when it hurts your friend, not you.



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OWWW!!! this hurts,bad. or maybe its because i put chili pepper powder in the gum?

*hehehe i love pain* seriously thats what the pic looks like

too late. i ate the wrapper. =(

do you lick the whole wrapper or just enough to get it to stick?

only ude this on your self if your a knifless EMO :"(

i remember this my friend did it had a big red mark for the first period or two of school the teacher didnt know what to say when he found the reason one of his students had a red mark on his forehead big red = .35 cents look on teachers face = priceless

And you discovered this how exactly?