Burn Yourself with Big Red Gum

Picture of Burn Yourself with Big Red Gum
This is a neat trick that will cause severe pain, and a red mark. You don't really need much for this, a stick of Big Red, some saliva, and a high tolerance to pain.
You'll need:
-A stick of Big Red Brand chewing gum
-The wrapper from the gum

Step 1: Unwrap the gum

Picture of Unwrap the gum
Very easy, simply unfold the tabs on the wrapper and remove the stick of gum
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mr depo8 years ago
OWWW!!! this hurts,bad. or maybe its because i put chili pepper powder in the gum?
seabananers5 years ago
*hehehe i love pain* seriously thats what the pic looks like
seabananers5 years ago

but dont judge me

carpfluff5 years ago
too late. i ate the wrapper. =(
same here
seabananers5 years ago
do you lick the whole wrapper or just enough to get it to stick?
seabananers5 years ago
only ude this on your self if your a knifless EMO :"(
i remember this my friend did it had a big red mark for the first period or two of school the teacher didnt know what to say when he found the reason one of his students had a red mark on his forehead big red = .35 cents look on teachers face = priceless
Glockenator5 years ago
And you discovered this how exactly?
mintybreath6 years ago
I have trouble with this step. Every time when I try to unfold the wrapper the gum falls on the bathroom floor. What do I do? Should I fashion a netting system out of toilet paper? That way after it falls, if I'm lucky, the gum will land safely in the netting system. You should really have been more descriptive with your instructions.
i think you need some help.
Why is this an issue?
GreenDay (author)  mintybreath6 years ago
The netting system could work, but in the long run it might hurt you. My theory is that if you're stupid enough to not open a peice of gum, you'll forget to take it off your forehead and get a serious chemical burn and come sue me. So you're responsible for your own fate.
does this work with any gum?
 could you also use a winter fresh wrapper or would it do the opposite?

Bridel5686 years ago
hey some of my friends did this with 5 wrappers. and one of them put the wrapper on his stomach
Pink belly?
yea and i guess that it hurt him too
fearme365 years ago
AHH! Migraine!! (spelling?)
I've seen this done before....does it work with mint, or just cinnamon?
binnie8 years ago
i dont get it is it a chemical on ur tounge reacting with the wrapper burning you?
binnie binnie8 years ago
i ahvent seen big red chewy here in auz
munchman binnie7 years ago
I live in victoria and it is avaliable at target, usually near the registers. It costs about $3
thatsa rip at walmart its like 69 cents for a small pack
At Walmart where I live a 3 pack of 5 gum is 99 cents
its a super strong cinnamon gum try it with something similar. Also you can do something very very funny with salt and an ice cube, you bet your friends that you can keep your ice cube on your arm longer. you put salt on your forearm and on his then set an ice cube on there to see who can last the longest. PS it leaves a mark for a few years......
yea that hurts >> i tryed it as soon as i read it i lasted less than a minute b4 it burned i didnt leave it too long How does this happen the salt expands in water > expanion causes heat > burns you or is it a faster way to get frostbyte
Bartboy binnie7 years ago
Salt make ice 10 degrees C colder
no its not a faster way to get frost bite. cuz in salt thers some sort of radiation and whe its with the ice its like makes it wors. thats what my step dad told me he workd in a necleer plant place thingy . so like ya a. lol.'
uhm...are you serious?....there's some correction to be done here. It burns because the presence of salt lowers the freezing temperature of water, and the presence of a (relatively) giant block of ice lowers the temperature of the ice touching the salt......basically, it gets really really cold. Colder than normal ice. The effect is like holding something much colder than ice on your arm, or wherever. That being said, yes, it is a faster way to get frostbite, and no offense, but did your stepdad work at like...Chernobyl? Something's wrong with that, you might want to correct him.. Unrelated, i hear if you turn a can of compressed air upside down and shoot yourself in the eye with it, it gives you superpowers...
Tomo27 Gloom7 years ago
I heart superpowers.
<3 thats Shift+comma and the number 3. now you know how to make a real heart so you don't have to spell it out.
GreenDay (author)  James (pseudo-geek)7 years ago
I <3 not using stupid msn emoticons, but you're right, spelling out heart looks funny.
Tomo27 GreenDay7 years ago
It's good to know some people are actually helpful, but yeah, I knew that. I sorta meant for it to sound odd?
GreenDay (author)  Gloom7 years ago
I just tried that, and all I got was a trip to the hospital... On a lighter note, me and my friends used to freeze flies with an upside down of compressed "air" (nitrogen I think). It was oddly amusing...
actually hes right about salt putting off radiation. hes wrong about that being why it burns your arm. salt only puts off TINY amounts of radiation, and then only alpha rays, not beta and gamma as well.
no man it is a faster way to get frostbite. it is ice - it is not going to burn you no matter how much salt you put on it.
GreenDay (author)  willis_duke7 years ago
Did they teach science at your school?
Ahhhh the pain! ROFIP!
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