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Introduction: Burners From Scrap

I doubt that you'll be able to precisely replicate this project due to the specific nature of the stuff I'm using, but it still may be interesting enough and inspirational in a way. Also I have this photos anyway so, yeah.

Here I'm showing a couple of burners, made from junk I'm collecting for some reason, and how I made them.

Step 1:

For the main body of the burners I used old glass salt and pepper shakers. They had a plastic lids on them but, they fell off at some point. For this project I replaced them with suitable aluminium screwing bottle caps. Also I had a piece of round leather belt of some sort (I believe those were used in sewing machines). I used it to create handles.

Step 2:

Firstly, I removed plastic inserts from caps.

Step 3:

Then I created round holes with a hole punch and installed metal eylets the way shown on the picture. Screw driver or other tool or object can be used to widen the stem opening to lock it in place.

Step 4:

I used a mop as a source for the wicks.

Step 5:

I used grooves in jars to attach the handles, and a bunch of staples to secure the pieces.

There's nothing really igenious anout this project but it was fun to make and to share, so thank you for your attention, and have nice crafting.

P.S.: Be careful with fire, snakes, and Liam Neeson's doughter (even if he doesn't know who you are).



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I love this project! It is really cool how you used junk and turned it into something that looks professional. Do the wicks that you salvaged work, or do they burn up too quickly?

A little bit too quicly, you need to adjust them every few hours or so, but it's definitly an option if there's nothing better you have under your hand.

its nice to see an instructable that states "from junk i collected" or " things you have around the house" and its actually delivers. good 'structable. ?

these are really beautiful burners, it make me think of the 1001 night fairytales.

How about baby food jars instead of the salt and pepper shakers? I love this project. I have to try this.

I guess baby food jars are ok. Just test the burners first in controlled conditions. Just in case. I never trust mine.