In this instructable I will show you how to build a smoldering pile of embers prop. Use it under a cauldron, burnt corpse etc.

Step 1: Materials Used

Materials used:

1 or more cans of spray foam insulation

1 or more orange string lights

plastic bottles

plastic floor liner

1 roll clear packing tape

1 can of Grey primer spray paint

1 can black spray paint

1 can red spray paint

1 can rubberized undercoating

PatW71 month ago

This is really incredible. I don't think I've seen anything that looks quite so realistic, including many "faux fireplaces" that I've seen. It takes me back to days... kids... science projects... specifically, volcano reproductions... doesn't it look like lava, as well? Thank you for your imagination and creativity!

jzuwala motts (author)  PatW715 days ago
thanks! I'm glad you liked it. It does look a bit lavaish, there's alot of directions you could go with this project. All the alternative uses for its project posted in the comments are great ideas.
Dreamchronic2 months ago

Cool as hell!

jzuwala motts (author)  Dreamchronic2 months ago


CarolZ14 months ago

where did u get the ash?

jzuwala motts (author)  CarolZ14 months ago

My fireplace

RenMandFx4 months ago

were theses steady state lights or twinkle lights?

have you tried with twinkle lights?

and what if you mixed red, white, yellow, orange, and possibly even blue lights all together?

jzuwala motts (author)  RenMandFx4 months ago

they were steady but twinkle should work just fine. I like the idea of mixing different colored lights, that should produce some interesting results.

satoko687 months ago
I'm thinking used that dried moss stuff & give it a light coating of spray paint for even more texture & interest. This is very very cool!
SparkySolar10 months ago

way too much fun. I love it

pbiehler10 months ago

You could do this in another way and for other reasons. Like for a fake fire in your fireplace in summer time. That way you wont have to deal with your energy bill going up if you need a special addition to a party or romantic night.

bagnitsch made it!10 months ago

Mine had more of the look of red hot coals. Not very hard though!

mortuuslacus10 months ago

Lava Flow

cool idea. Will the lights melt the plastic if it's on for a long time?

jzuwala motts (author)  tamara.campbell.35510 months ago
garnoft10 months ago

Very nice.

sabu.dawdy11 months ago


co0pster1 year ago
Cool,got a new one for the cemetery this year! Thank for sharing

coals for a fireplace; will be trying this

This is such a cool idea. Thank you so much for sharing :)

If you change the colors and final layers slightly it would be possible to have the effect of a melting corpse or monster.
jzuwala motts (author)  Computer__Geek1 year ago

I'm working on an instructable on how to make the burnt corpse shown in the photos at the end of this one

Awesome decoration for Halloween. Looks easy to make too.

bagnitsch1 year ago

That's actually really cool. Could be like at a luau party too, for volcano lava.

Mielameri1 year ago
This looks amaaaaazing! Well done! And so easy, too :)
05051 year ago
This is so awesome. Thinking about doing a zombie like this. Amazing.
DkPhoenix9 days ago

Hello again and TY so much jzuwala motts! I did get two strands and suppose I will shoot for the one and see how that goes first. Now, to figure out how to add an image on my profile....lol.

DkPhoenix20 days ago
Hello! I've tried private messaging and guessing since I'm not paying for this app service I'm reduced to commenting. I'm making this for this year's Samhain/Halloween season and was wondering the strands you used, I have purchased two sets of 50 count orange light strands and wasn't sure if you used one or two strands in your display/prop you built and have pictured here. Thanks in advance!
jzuwala motts (author)  DkPhoenix15 days ago
I used one strand of lights in the prop seen in this tutorial. It all depends on the size you're looking for. I generally use 1-4 stands.