In this instructable I will show you how to build a smoldering pile of embers prop. Use it under a cauldron, burnt corpse etc.

Step 1: Materials Used

Materials used:

1 or more cans of spray foam insulation

1 or more orange string lights

plastic bottles

plastic floor liner

1 roll clear packing tape

1 can of Grey primer spray paint

1 can black spray paint

1 can red spray paint

1 can rubberized undercoating



<p>This is really incredible. I don't think I've seen anything that looks quite so realistic, including many &quot;faux fireplaces&quot; that I've seen. It takes me back to days... kids... science projects... specifically, volcano reproductions... doesn't it look like lava, as well? Thank you for your imagination and creativity!</p>
thanks! I'm glad you liked it. It does look a bit lavaish, there's alot of directions you could go with this project. All the alternative uses for its project posted in the comments are great ideas.
<p>Cool as hell!</p>
<p>where did u get the ash?</p>
<p>My fireplace </p>
<p>were theses steady state lights or twinkle lights?<br><br>have you tried with twinkle lights?<br><br>and what if you mixed red, white, yellow, orange, and possibly even blue lights all together? </p>
<p>they were steady but twinkle should work just fine. I like the idea of mixing different colored lights, that should produce some interesting results.</p>
I'm thinking used that dried moss stuff &amp; give it a light coating of spray paint for even more texture &amp; interest. This is very very cool!
<p>way too much fun. I love it</p>
<p>You could do this in another way and for other reasons. Like for a fake fire in your fireplace in summer time. That way you wont have to deal with your energy bill going up if you need a special addition to a party or romantic night. </p>
<p>Mine had more of the look of red hot coals. Not very hard though! </p>
<p>Lava Flow</p>
<p>cool idea. Will the lights melt the plastic if it's on for a long time?</p>
<p>Very nice.</p>
Cool,got a new one for the cemetery this year! Thank for sharing
<p>coals for a fireplace; will be trying this</p>
<p>This is such a cool idea. Thank you so much for sharing :)</p>
If you change the colors and final layers slightly it would be possible to have the effect of a melting corpse or monster.
<p>I'm working on an instructable on how to make the burnt corpse shown in the photos at the end of this one</p>
<p>Awesome decoration for Halloween. Looks easy to make too. </p>
<p>That's actually really cool. Could be like at a luau party too, for volcano lava.</p>
This looks amaaaaazing! Well done! And so easy, too :)
This is so awesome. Thinking about doing a zombie like this. Amazing.
Such a stupid question but what kind of rubber did you use? I'm pretty confused about that?.
Fantastic instructions...thank you!
looks awsome!
I did do this and I loved the out come. Do you do similar things for Christmas? I wanted to do a snowman outp of the same principles principles. Any suggestions
should work great for a snowman, you could use yoga balls of decreasing size and cover them with the great stuff
<p>very cool project, here,s my try at it</p>
That looks great! I was thinking of doing something similar this year by hollowing out the center and having a skeleton emerging from a fiery pit/tunnel from hell.
<p>can't wait to see it!</p>
That you for this one. It was so easy and our lava cane out great!!
looks great
<p>This is awesome I plan on making an open pit to hell for halloween this year and this just made my day. Great Job.</p>
<p>Excellent tutorial!</p><p>I plan on making a walk of hot coals this year, and this looks perfect!</p><p>Thank you</p>
show us the results! <br>
<p>Hello again and TY so much jzuwala motts! I did get two strands and suppose I will shoot for the one and see how that goes first. Now, to figure out how to add an image on my profile....lol. </p>
Hello! I've tried private messaging and guessing since I'm not paying for this app service I'm reduced to commenting. I'm making this for this year's Samhain/Halloween season and was wondering the strands you used, I have purchased two sets of 50 count orange light strands and wasn't sure if you used one or two strands in your display/prop you built and have pictured here. Thanks in advance!
I used one strand of lights in the prop seen in this tutorial. It all depends on the size you're looking for. I generally use 1-4 stands.

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