Introduction: Burning Soap Bubbles

In this Instructable, we look at the way to fill soap bubbles with the gas.

Why would you want to do that?

So, you can set them on fire.

Just like fire breathing - it's for the show.

What's needed:

  • Plastic pipe with the cap
  • Empty Lighter
  • Bubble wand (ring)
  • Metal wire
  • Electrical tape (optional)
  • Soap Bubbles
  • Butane Gas (Lighter refill)
  • Epoxy glue

Step 1:

Take out the fuel container from an empty lighter.

Unscrew the screw to let remaining gas escape.

Step 2:

Make sure the gas container is empty and screw opened!

Cut off the bottom of the container.

Step 3:

Glue it on a plastic pipe.

Step 4:

Drill a hole in the cap.

Don't drill it too big. You can make it bigger later. (if necessary)

Put the cap onto the pipe.

Attach the wire around the pipe.

Step 5:

Cut off the ring from the bubble wand and attach it to the other end of the wire.

You can wrap the wire with electrical tape if necessary.

Step 6:

Your gas bubble attachment for the butane canister is ready.

To change the size of the bubbles, adjust the ring's distance from the hole. You can also make the hole bigger if you think it's too small.

To blow the gas bubbles, dip the ring in the bubble mixture.

Press the pipe against the canister just like you would refill a lighter.

You will get gas bubbles.

If you light them up, they will burn with a big flame.

Great for performers or anyone who likes to play with bubbles and fire.


Only do it outdoors.

Only ignite the lighter when you have stopped blowing the bubbles.

Don't ignite the bubbles that are too close to your face as the flame can be very big.

Sometimes the flame from one bubble can ignite another (chain reaction)

Keep the gas canister away from the flame. It's best to blow the bubbles, leave the canister somewhere safe or give it to somebody, before proceeding with ignition.

It's a good idea to wear safety glasses.

Read the label of your butane gas canister.

It's safe procedure as long as you don't do something stupid.

Just treat your gas canister like you normally would (keep away from heat, sparks, open flame etc.)

Same thing with the flame. Just use some common sense.


ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)2015-06-05

A funny story about the source of Inspiration for this Instructable.

When I was a kid, I was blowing the bubbles with my friends. I ran out of bubble mixture, so I decided to make my own. I went to the bathroom and mixed a few things - including bleach :)

I did manage to make a bubble mixture, but I also ruined my friend's t-shirt.

Bubbles I was blowing, landed on his t-shirt, leaving a bleached stain.

What a great way to ruin peoples clothes without them knowing it :)

I had a video where I recreated the mixture, but I took it off as I did not think It was a good idea. Bleach on somebodies skin or eyes can cause big problems.

I remembered about the bleach bubbles and decided to try gas.

I wonder what else can be hidden in innocent soap bubbles.

J2SARET made it! (author)J2SARET2015-06-09

All we used to do was fill our squirt guns with and squirt them down ant hills for about 20 min until the bleach destroyed the ant jills. You had a lot better imagination.

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-10

I used to put a grass straw on ants house and wait until they pee on it (i am not sure if it's a pee) and then I would lick it :)

derte84 made it! (author)derte842015-06-09

I had a plan ob building something similar with perfume ?

Btw, Japan built a weapon similar to this during WWII (

Antzy Carmasaic made it! (author)Antzy Carmasaic2015-06-09

Those exploding balloons are crazy. They sent them from Japan to US! Wow.

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-09

Interesting. I never knew that. Did you want to build it with perfume because of the smell or it's burning properties?

Antzy Carmasaic made it! (author)Antzy Carmasaic2015-06-06

Maybe fill em up with hydrogen sulfide. Blow these lovely bubble in the park on a windy day. When they burst people will start wondering who among them farted :D

balloondoggle made it! (author)balloondoggle2015-06-09

Oh, that sounds like fun!

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-06

That's a good idea :)

rocketman221 made it! (author)rocketman2212015-06-06

Oxi hydrogen gas works well. It makes a loud bang when you light it.

Bard made it! (author)Bard2015-06-05

Did the bleach eat holes in your friends clothes, It sound like an interesting experiment to revese die a shirt using bleach bubbles. I put bleach in an airbrush and revsese dyed a a shirt once(note used resporator and saftey goggles)

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-05

No, it did not eat holes. He was wearing a dark shirt. In the places where bubbles landed it left brown stains.

Antzy Carmasaic made it! (author)2015-06-06

Oh I could watch the video of those seemingly harmless bubbles explode into a fiery blaze forever. Especially with that background track...
Nice idea though.

bravoechonovember1 made it! (author)2015-06-04

love it! looks amazing!

you keep coming up with so simple yet awesome stuff!

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-05


I really enjoyed this one. With a proper slow-mo camera it would look even better.

JenH6 made it! (author)2016-04-23

Could you just mix a fuel, like butane or coleman fuel with soap-to make bubble liquid-then blow it through a wand and light it??? seems like the water is just a fluid, so fuel should work. Anyone tried it?

RedstoneM made it! (author)2015-11-22

Use HHO gas instead, makes no CO2 and makes a bigger explosion. (Don't forget the flashback filter incase you are electrolyzing it yourself, a smoothie bottle of it with water in it blew a dent in my wooden floor yesterday... Haha.

infodigital made it! (author)2015-08-30


The world’s first robotic Hotel

sharpstick made it! (author)2015-06-09

KIDS, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! go do it at your neighbor's house.

Lolman4000 made it! (author)Lolman40002015-06-24


Sethling made it! (author)Sethling2015-06-10

haha very funny 8)

MichaelP37 made it! (author)2015-06-16

yay must make flaming bubles lol

askjerry made it! (author)2015-06-09

Ok... consider this... NATURAL GAS is slightly lighter than air... so the bubbles will float. Not as much as helium... but they will. So... mix up a bucket of soapy water... then connect a bubble stone like the kind used for an aquarium to a valve that is connected to a gas supply. (Don't do this unless you absolutely know all the risks.)

Then... have the bucket OUTSIDE or in a LARGE warehouse type structure. The bubbles will form a column and slowly rise up. When it gets about 10 feet tall, (3 meters) shut off the gas supply... and light it. POOF!

You might want to have a match on a 6 foot (2 meter) pole for that... I mean... unless you really want to loose your eyelashes...

xenobiologista made it! (author)xenobiologista2015-06-15

Mythbusters did this. I'm sorry I don't remember which episode.

askjerry made it! (author)askjerry2015-06-15

Yes... you are correct... I found it too...

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-10

That would look impressive. I hope someone will try it out and post a video.

JesusG33k made it! (author)2015-06-05

Makes a giant bubble with NightHawkInLight's recipe, catches it ablaze.

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-05

That would be impressive, but dangerous.

JesusG33k made it! (author)JesusG33k2015-06-06

Since when is dangerous bad?

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-07

Dangerous is not bad if you like danger :)

If would love to see a huge bubble explode, but I would not like to be near it.

JesusG33k made it! (author)JesusG33k2015-06-08

I want to be inside the bubble

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-08

Like in Labyrinth movie (with David Bovie)?

JesusG33k made it! (author)JesusG33k2015-06-15


baba87 made it! (author)2015-06-11

I could see this as a movie effect. Pretty cool!

jtechian made it! (author)2015-06-09

A word of caution, Do this outside as the bubble that don't get burned will drop to the floor and burst leaving unburned gas. Think standing in a pool of gas and it get lit! Still looks fun. An idea I think would be cool, is have a fire source with the bubble blown toward by a little fan, then sit back and enjoy the show.

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-09

You just gave me an idea for bubble fireworks :)

jtechian made it! (author)jtechian2015-06-09

For bubble fireworks, make a small fire ring with copper tubing and drilled holes. then have it sit above the tube supplying gas angled down, and have a pump run bubble solution to drip from the tube. Make a brown gas generator for H2O2 gas to feed your bubbles. When the bubble forms it will float to the fire ring and explode with a small pop. Be sure to also have a bubbler fire suppressor on the output of the H2O2 generator. Be safe as much as you can. Does that get the gears turning? :)

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-10

Yes, thanks for the idea.

In a big scale it would look very impressive.


spark master made it! (author)spark master2015-06-10

Like the Hindenburg?

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-10

Hindenburg's explosion was impressive if we overlook all the fatalities.

spark master made it! (author)spark master2015-06-11

I love the Hindi ndi film, (except for all the horrible deaths by fire), it does,'t explode, it burns though very thoroughly, or at least the gas does. It was proposed years ago by a NASA engineer who handles LOX and LH that the skin a big canvas cover that was painted with "dope" which was painted with thermite powder, (aluminum and iron oxide mixture in very very fine 800 mesh dust, mixed in a clear coat). He proposed that the thing got enough of a spark from clouds to ignite the canvass, made of hemp duck/sail cloth, burned eventually ignites the "cewlls, which burn , but never explode. Look at the colorized views vs the black and white, (original, no color film yet). The reason so many people lived is that it did burn slowly and many could get away.

Still very impressive, the only thing more impressive is a Saturn V ignition where they spray in pressurised LOXand Hydrogen, which does explode (ish) and created so much steam it pushes it into space.

How very novel, if the exhaust of a Saturn V lifting body is highly pressurised stem (controlled), then it makes Nasa's biggest lift rocket a ,(gulp), STEAM PUNK Rocket, the ultimate Steam Punkers toy!!!!!!!

Saturn V , the ultimatr Steam Punker's Dream Engine!!!

jtechian made it! (author)jtechian2015-06-09

The fire ring could also be just a few candles etc.

zenderon made it! (author)2015-06-10

lol back in the day when I was about 10 we had a gas cooker with a poker that you could light the other rings (small pipe with a button to light the gas) I used to have great fun filling the sink next to it with water/soap and creating bubbles with the poker and lighting it ...used to drive my mother mental ... a blast of a 3 ft flame grounded after that but found other things to get up to

spark master made it! (author)2015-06-09

Bleach bubbles unsafe, I agree, so you replace it with FLAMING BUBBLES????

not any safer, but they sure look nicer. not gross as lighting ones own bio-gas on fore, but always the potential for blinding death by cloths ignitions etc.

nice instructable

Party on Garth.

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-09

Well, if you put it that way, it does not sound much safer :)

spark master made it! (author)spark master2015-06-10

Hey ya gotta think these things through! My Chem used to do this with burner gas, from the taps as well as hydrogen gas from a tank, then there was the coke bottle canons (with H and O2) heck, he would of course start with a thermite, (all for the chem club to see, poof, no more teenager). My friend did the h o2 in a bottle trick once at home, in the back yard, using a 2 liter plastic bottle. His dad was climbing the ladder to work on the roof as he ignited it. His dad was stunned (like a small bomb, well actually it was a small flash bang), fell off the ladder. He was in family prison for a while, now they send you to Gitmo!

HecateH made it! (author)2015-06-09

I do firespinning, with my burner name being "Pyro Bubble." I absolutely must try this, thank you for the tutorial and the idea!

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-10

Thanks You Pyro Bubble. I am glad you found it helpful.

zkus made it! (author)2015-06-09

Years ago, for our first burning man, a buddy and I tried to come up with flammable bubbles. However our approach was to try to make the actual soapy bubble material flammable.... I dont think we are very smart.

I am so happy idea in reality (and wonderfully simple too). I cant wait to make one.

ShakeTheFuture made it! (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-06-10

I am glad you found it useful Zkus.


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