Step 4: Draw a picture!

Picture of Draw a picture!
Here I've shown a CD-R with a picture of two people kissing burned on it. It's a little hard to discern because I haven't completely calibrated this CD-R yet.
koduor4 years ago
nice idea.....
no it's the beegee's!
To get the script (the programming you downloaded) to run, you must enter it into the right filepath that your working in (the subfolders which matlab accesses). (Type filepath in help for a better explanation) Also, you didnt say which matlab version you're working on...matlab 6 has trouble loading stuff written on matlab 7 (its backwards compatiable but you need to specify in the script - I dont know if he did since I havent read the script). If he didnt specify, and you have matlab 6 ... there are some workarounds but you need to know matlab.. Also, im assuming that the function's name is the same as the m-files name. If you dont have matlab 7, download it torrent it or go into any college/university's bookstore (they sell it for $100 - way, way cheaper than a commerical version) - check mathworks.com for more info about the workarounds, filepath, etc. Hope it works for ya!
flaso9 years ago
Hello Argon, i'm particulary interested on your tutorial about graphics imaging burning on CD. I don't know Matlab very well: i've downloaded img2cd.m and calcCoord.m but when i run then i receive an error message back: "undefined command/function 'calcCoord'. What should i do? Thanks, Paolo
Neodudeman9 years ago
lol. liamondrop and I are one and the same in this instance.
liamondrop9 years ago
Damn! I was thinking that lamp/lightbulb reflection was representative of the image quality you could get. Not that vaguely Mammoth-like blur.
Looks more like a tree frog to me
latobada9 years ago
looks more like an elephant to me... the one in the square does, then the one to the right of the orange square actually resembes the people. but both are distinguishable as the kissers, after loking at original picture.