Burnt Pan/ Pot: Easy Removal With Baking Powder





Introduction: Burnt Pan/ Pot: Easy Removal With Baking Powder

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Everybody knows what it's like to scrub a pot or pan until your arm hurts! You can go on for hours, and no matter for how ling time you soak it, it just wont come of!

My mother once taught me this trick: A life hack on how to remove burnt food from your pan or pot.

All you need is:

  • Baking powder
  • Hot water

Step 1: Mix It

Put hot water (from the tap, you don't have to boil it first) in your pan/ pot - just enough to make it cover all of the burnt stuff.

Then add a spoonful of baking powder.

Now just let it sit there for 40 - 60 minutes! Don't touch it, just let it do it's magic :)

Step 2: Clean It

Now you can just clean it regularly! All of the burnt stuff has gone away! And if it hasn't, it's probably because you didn't wait 60 minutes ;)

Thanks mom!

Hope it works for you and your pan/ pot! :)


  • this worked great.  ...-Lorddrake

    Lorddrake made it!


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Nice :) Congrats on being a finalist! Good luck in the contest.

I'm gonna try this !

:D it's a really great life hack!