Step 4: Time to Make these 2 Liquids into 1 Fine Soap!

For this step:

Lye solution at approx 115°
Warmed Oil at approx 115°
Hand Blender (or large wooden or plastic spoon if you don't have a hand blender)
2 ounces Castor Oil for Supper Fatting *
1.5 ounces Essential Fragrance Oil 
4 ounces powdered goat milk 

Wearing safety gear, begin stirring and stream the lye solution into the oil. The lys should always be poured into the oil to avoid splash back to the lye out of the pot and onto you and the surrounding area.  Using a hand blender will significantly reduce the amount of time stirring the soap but a proper spoon will make a perfectly good soap.  
After about 2-3 minutes stirring with a hand blender you will notice the a faint smell that reminds you or soap, and also the soap beginning to thicken and leave a trace behind where the blender had been moved through (called tracing this is a step which marks time to add the remaining ingredients and prepare to pour the soap into the mold).
If stirring manually it might take up to 10 minutes or more to reach trace.  The cooler the mixtures are when combined, the sooner they will come to trace and certain essential oils will bring the soap  almost immediately, so keep records of any that cause this reaction to you can be prepared to pour or make adjustments to your recipe. 

Once the soap is at trace, add the castor oil anid mix in well. * superfatting leaves a small percentage of oil readiy available so the skin can be moisturized immediately.  The oil that has been mixed into the lye will have already partially gone  through saponification and will not be readily available in the same way. 

The essential oil and powdered  goat milk can also be added at this time. After all, a spot of milk in can make a wonderful improvement in your coffee. 
Mix well after all the ingredients are in, and prepare to pour the soap into the mold. 

Fill the mold, adjusting the retention bar to keep the soap at the desired depth.  Cover with several towels to keep the soap well insulated and place it in a warm draft free area to begin the curing process.  80-90% of saponification has occurred during the mixing process, so if done correctly the remaining chemical conversion into soap will complete during the next 24-36 hours while in the mold.  

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