Step 4: Top part and visor

Picture of Top part and visor
Cut a large circle, this circle will give your hat its size on the top, to measure according. Cut 2 of this circles, one will serve of that expansion the other as the main cover. Then using the cylinder trace the circle to be cut out of the visor part, draw another circle the same size as the top circles and draw the sides so that it has an oval shape you should end up with this.
NOTE: Use the circle and trace the pattern on the cloth that will be used to cover the hat, do the same with the visor, but trace it twice, one for the top part  and one for the bottom. You should do this now because it will be very hard to do this once the hat is assembled.  
LacieDee5 years ago
Okay, I'm preparing for my play in High School in drama, and I'm making this hat for part of my costume. Do I make two visors, like, a Top and Bottom?
Be very specific and detailed with your reply please? I don't want to mess up on this and get a bad grade for a sloppy mess of a hat. =[
Badia (author)  LacieDee5 years ago
HAHAHA oi, Ill try to be as precise and specific as I can, The visor y is just one part, you fit it thourh the botom and then fold the tabs from the body of the hat and glu them on on the bottom, there is a picture of the hat from underneath you can see the tabs glued there, what you WILL NEED 2 pieces of is the cloth that will cover the visor, so trace two of these, the one on the bottom will cover the tabs, glue this one on first, then glue the one on top, you can make a cut on it so that you can place it on top of the visor which should already be glued on the hat by the time you go on to covering it with the cloth
wouldn't it be easyer to just glue the top cloth on before you glue on the brim? then glue one the brim the to tabs and then glue one the bottom piece?

that way, all the cloth stays intact