Introduction: Business Card Glider

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If you have old business cards lying around, this is a cool project to reuse them, and two can be made from one card.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

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Needed are:

-business card
-scissors/hobby knife
-wire cutter/scissors do the job

Step 2: The Design

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There is no specific design just mark out something that looks like this and then cut it out:

Step 3: Scoring

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Score every line lightly, except the two at the nose that are parallel to each other, cut those. Bend them to create a shape like this:
I like to cut out a small rectangle at the back, because business cards are hevay and therefore do not fly far, so I reduce the weight by it.

Step 4: The Weight

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Using your wire cutters ( or scissors) cut out a length of staright paperclip about 2.2 cm long. Weave this between the two cuts you made earlier

Step 5: Flying

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To make the glider glide, hold it like so in the photo. At first, it either turns upside down and crash, or crash backward. Move the paperclip forward or backward, backwards if it flips of, forwards if it crashes backwards. When you find the sweetspot, these things can glide, but not that far, so they are perfect for bored office workers at their desks.


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