Business Card Holder Out of Pentium II Cooler




Introduction: Business Card Holder Out of Pentium II Cooler

This is the very simple project. I converted Pentium II CPU passive cooler into the business card holder. These processors where packed in slot-based module (named slot-1) rather than CPU socket. Blades of the passive cooler are long enough to create separators for business cards or other small cards.

Step 1:

Find old non-used desktop computer with Pentium II CPU.  You need to find the machine built in 1997-1999. Your machine may look like this.

Step 2:

Open the computer case. For that you usually you need to unscrew two fasteners at the rear end (right side when looking from the rear) of the box. Remove the right sidewall from the box (pull it back for that).

Step 3:

Take CPU unit out of the motherboard.  For that first press upper clip on CPU unit and pull upper corner of CPU out, then easy take out whole unit.  Look at the unit to be  sure that it has passive cooler. More expensive and latest models of slot-1 CPU used active cooler with fan. You cannot make card holder out of this. Please look at the second photo. Left unit is with active cooler and is not good. Right unit is OK.

Step 4:

Absolutely  no need to detach cooler and CPU. CPU will serve as base for your business card holder. Put the CPU unit on the top of your desk. Insert business card there.

Project finished. Ironically the component which costed 15 years ago hundreds dollars substitutes office supply which costs about 5$. 

Just one more thing. Do not through the rest of the computer into the garbage container. Find nearest recycling   center and bring it there.



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