Picture of Business Card and Note Slip Holder from PVC
I use many note slips from cutting scrap paper into eight pieces. A few years ago I adapted a business card holder to hold these note slips. That card holder is no longer sold in stores. I wanted to see if I could make my own from some 1 1/4 inch electrical conduit PVC I had left from another project.
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Step 1: Cut the paper

Picture of Cut the paper
My scrap paper is 8 1/2 x 11 inches. In many countries the standard paper size is A4, which is just a little larger and is sized in metric measurements.

This is a paper cutter given to me and my wife by my in-laws many years ago. Although not easy to see in this photo, I painted a red dot on the left side scale at 5 1/2 inches, 4 1/4 inches, and 2 3/4 inches. This marks for easy cutting into halves, quarters, and eighths.

Step 2: Cut PVC to length

Picture of Cut PVC to length
I marked a piece of gray PVC for cutting so it is just a little shorter than my note slips.

Step 3: Mark around the circumference of the PVC

Picture of Mark around the circumference of the PVC
I used a square like this to make short marks until I had gone all the way around the PVC. It is a little tricky to get a line for cutting that does not wander. Another way would be to loop a string around the PVC and pull it back and forth just a little until it is taught. Then mark along the string.

Step 4: The lines meet

Picture of The lines meet
You know you have successfully marked around the PVC in a straight line when the lines meet. Saw the PVC.

Step 5: Mark lengthwise

Picture of Mark lengthwise
I have found a book is a handy marking tool. Place a book on a flat surface. Slide the tube up to the book. Use the surface corner of the book as a guide and mark a straight line. Rotate the PVC about 110 degrees and make a second mark like this one.

Step 6: Saw on both lines

Picture of Saw on both lines
Saw out the section between the two lines 110 degrees apart. Try to make the two saw cuts exactly parallel for the sake of appearance. You can clean up any inaccuracies with a file later.
Ravenseye5 years ago
Hi There!

I've got a quick tip for making sure  your markings line up.

Using a piece of paper with a straight edge to it, line the straight edge up on the mark you want to cut. So long the edge of the paper is true, you'll have a perfectly straight cut line on the pipe!
Obediah6 years ago
Really cool. I will make one of these to go with my PVC pencil holder. http://www.instructables.com/id/PVC_Pencil_Holder/
Phil B (author)  Obediah6 years ago
Thank you. I am glad you like it. I was trying to think of things I can do with leftover PVC. I would like to think of things to do with old CDs, although I did an Instructable on a Pretty Good Postal Scale from Old CDs. I use it quite a lot.
Lovely way to share your talents with your grandchildren, and we also get the joy of learning about them too. Phil-take a look at "swimming noodles" do you know what I am talking about? I bet we could all come up with some excellent uses for swimming noodles besides what they were originally intended for. Waddddddd ya think everyone???
Phil B (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
I used swimming noodles in an Instructable several months ago. It is at: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make_your_own_foam_grips_for_drop_handlebars/

I am working on an Instructable about some other uses for PVC. It will be delayed a little because of a 40th wedding anniversary celebration (ours) and a church convention following it.
rimar20006 years ago
Nice and simple design.
Phil B (author)  rimar20006 years ago
Thank you.
Phil, I had not realized it was you.
Phil B (author)  rimar20006 years ago
Rimar, It is I. This idea sprouted and grew over the last few days. I hope you and some others can use it, or adapt it for something else that is useful. Part of the fun of publishing ideas as Instructables is that I can document those ideas and hope that my kids or grandchildren might be interested in knowing some things about me later that they might not otherwise have known.
I see that you and me are similar in many ways. I hope you take this as a compliment and not as an offense, because I believe that we look similar until at that. At least, you do not be offended when I was critical.
Phil B (author)  rimar20006 years ago
I consider you a friend. You have not insulted me.