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Sometimes I need to bring several resistors for work.
And I got plenty of useless business card....
When I combine these two items, I got an idea to create a simple resistor collection....
Just make some holes with needle and u can bring your selected resistors for project or for storage.


timgineer (author)2013-12-08

That is a great idea. In my portable project case (tackle box) I now have a card for each of the standard resistor values from 1 ohm - 1 mega ohm. 20 resistors per card. It works for any axial legged part. Any good ideas for radial parts like LED's?

kokpat (author)timgineer2013-12-08

I just make the instruction for making small LED storage system, have fun.

kokpat (author)timgineer2013-12-08


Actually, u can use "Perfboard" instead of using business card.

BTW,I suggest that put the LED's legs into a small piece of foam, then place them in something like matchbox. If it is some kind of IC, u can place a small piece of aluminium foil between the IC and the foam.

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