Picture of Bustled Skirt from T-Shirts
One more entry for the t-shirt challenge! This skirt was inspired by the wedding skirt in "Generation T".
It's very comfortable, and though I was hesitant to wear it at first, it has definitely grown in my appreciation!

Materials: 6 t-shirts (I got mine at Goodwill). Get them the same size!

Step 1: Cut t-shirts

Picture of Cut t-shirts
Cut all t-shirts straight across, just under the armholes, forming tubes.
Hi, I want to make this skirt but I'm not quite sure what is happening with the tubes. The two that are not cut, in earlier steps, are they ever cut? And when you wear the skirt, are your legs going through these uncut tubes?
SelkeyMoonbeam (author)  aikiaterine1 year ago
Sorry, that is a bit confusing! The tubes are never cut, and your legs don't go through them; they are just there to make the front panel of your skirt thicker (especially important if they're white).
I'd love to see a picture of yours when it's done– I'm around for questions if anything else is confusing!
buirv3 years ago
Nice - Very Nice looking...