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Get bzzz-y and use your thumb and fingers to make some buzzy bumblebees. You can add stripes to your bumblebee. Draw their legs and antennae using a thin fine black marker. Dipping something like your finger into paint and pressing it onto paper to make a print is called stamping. What you need: Fingers, Paint. Optional: Fine marker, Sponge, Chalk. You can also add some flowers or a big garden.

Step 1:

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Dab the pad of your thumb into a yellow blob of paint. Press your thumb onto the paper. Repeat until you get the number of bees you want.

Step 2:

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Dan the tip of your baby finger near the end of a bumblebee to make its head. Repeat for all your bees.

Step 3:

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Dan the tip of another clean finger into another blob of paint. That would be the wings of your bee. Give each bee two wings. Repeat for all bees.


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