A Butt Table is a table made from the butt slices of a tree.  Here is one way to make yourself a butt table.

Step 1: What's a Butt Table ??

A picture is worth a thousand words . . .
Your base is very narrow. Looks like the table would be inclined to tip sideways. Maybe putting the pieces in a cross shape would be more stable? I would think the base should be almost the size of the top.
Yah I think you're right about the feet length, I'll update the 'able about that issue.
Since my previous comment was pretty obscure, I created my first instructable to show what I meant. https://www.instructables.com/id/Jig-for-surfacing-with-a-router/
EGG SALAD! (Excellent!) <br>That's great! <br>I'll add a link to your 'able. Dang wish I had thought of that alonnnnnnng time ago!
*snicker* &quot;butt&quot; <br>
I used a router mounted in the center of a board over twice as long as the diameter of the round. Level up a support on each side and rout off the high spots.
I like big butts and I can not lie... ;) No really, I love the way this table looks and laughed my butt off while reading this Instructable!!!
Hope you get prize. Anyway, This is what ibles should strive to be. Informative, and filled with humor. Give us more...........!
This table is absolutely beautiful!!! I would put it in my house in a NY minute :)
OMG I totally cracked up reading the directions....lolol !!!!!!!!!!! GREAT sense of humor :) voted and fav'd this!
I think you're matching the wrong shape - you traced the bottom of the branch where it will line up with the top of the feet but then you're drawing it on the bottom of the feet, so you'll end up with the mirror image of the hole you really want. This only works if your branch is symmetrical.
DOH! You're right!!! <br>I'll have to add an extra step to de-blooberfy that part of the instructable. <br>Thanks for the tip.
It looks pretty solid. Nice job.
Great instructable! :D <br /> <br />And this: <br />"Ah, yes it is a real table, covered with crap in record time." <br />had me rolling. hahah!

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