Introduction: Butter Chain

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Lubricating Your bike chain

Step 1: Grab Some Butter

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Step 2: Pinch

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Pinch some butter with your hand.

Step 3: Add

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Apply butter to your chain


ThriftStore Hacker (author)2016-05-18

I like to take my chain off and place it in the microwave with a few sticks of butter. Just to make sure it gets into every nook and cranny. Also.... i need a new microwave :P

gizmologist (author)2016-05-17


ErickPp (author)2016-05-02

dont add a full stick of butter to your chain lol. if you do let me know how that works.

joshfromga (author)ErickPp2016-05-06

So I admit I'm confused. Was this all a joke or are you saying that a whole stick is too much? Because this isn't humorous or effective.

dragon fllyer (author)2016-05-01

And only ride upwind when it gets rancid and the smell makes you feel sick...

YouNeverKnowItUntil (author)2016-04-22

If you get stranded you can eat your chain

BtheBike (author)2016-04-20

bacon grease too =D

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