The Harry Potter series has come to an end and i havve recently begun to recreate many props and such from the books and movies. About a week or two ago around my birthday, i was racking my brain to think of what to make next and it hit me!!! Why not make Butterbeer! I immediately searched all over the internet for a recipe. I tried several one even made a cake, but none of it was what i was looking for. I wanted it to taste very closely to that at the Wizarding world Of Harry Potter yet have more of the orange-ish color i imagined in the book and saw in the movie. I then dicided i would come up with my own recipe. So here it is! my very own Butterbeer recipe!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make the Buttebeer you will need the fallowing:

- 2 cups heavy whipping cream

- powdered sugar atleast 20 Tablespoon(1 1/4 cups)

-  cream soda(at least 12 ounces)

- imitation rum flavoring ( atleast 1 teaspoon teaspoon)

- imitation butter flavoring ( at least 1 teaspoon)

- vanilla (and or) butterscotch flavoring(1 - 2 teaspoon)

- yellow food die(optional)
<p>OMG I didn't know we could make this </p>
If the rum is 'imitatation' does that mean its non-achlholic? If not, what can I replace it with?
i realized the problem with this recipe and have formulated a slightly edited version that works and taste much better
Love it!

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