Picture of Butterfinger Milkshake
With Halloween behind us I was looking for something creative to do with my candy. My solution, a butterfinger milkshake. Make this delicious treat in just minutes.

Step 1: Gathering

Picture of Gathering
This milkshake is pretty basic. All you need is:

Milk(I used white skim)
Ice Cream(I used vanilla)
Butterfinger(feel free to use any candy you want here)

To concoct your concoction you'll need:

A blender
An Ice Cream Scoop
looks yummy
but what does a butterfinger taste like?
only recently can i find affordable American candy

you guy's stuff, over hear they want a fortune for it

fun size bag of peanut butter m&ms? $20! not kidding (that was in an expensive specialist candy store though
and hey, wow peanut butter m&m milkshake....

great job with this idea :)
CrayfishYAY4 years ago
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
skelly74475 years ago
add any chocolate candy you have into a chocolate milkshake
squirrelMLM5 years ago
 At first I was thinking "eeewww" then when I saw the picture of it I was immediately having the urge to run into the kitchen and make one. It was amaazzing :)
DAND5 years ago
 I just ate a freaking butterfinger! D:
there's a little shop in the town I live that only serves shakes made like this using different types of candy and sweet things. I love it!
jonnybeats6 years ago
I tried this with Blue Ribbands but the first inch or so was amazing but the rest was milky wafer :(
Kaiven6 years ago
I've done this before :D
volquete6 years ago
Guess what im doing with MY bucket-fulls of Halloween candy!
LegoFudge7 years ago
MMMM.... Yummy. A bit like one of those Dairy Queen Blizzards...
mix up the ice cream and then mix in the buterfinger
nice mcr fan
luckyduck7 years ago
A good idea accept i invented it .
Finally a use for all those leftover fun sizes, (I wonder what kit kat or snickers would taste like)
Probably like a kit kat or snickers :)
shooby7 years ago
i once tried making a milkshake with peanut butter in it - way too salty- this might do th trick though
randofo7 years ago
The concept alone kinda nauseates me.
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything!
bigfootduck7 years ago
Great! Now I'm hungry! lol
Oh brilliant! Now I want a milkshake! ><