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Halloween is just round the corner.....and if you do not have much time to prepare spooky but NOT GROSS treats here is a quick and easy idea.


Super spooky butter sandwich hands are easy to make and require just 2 ingredients.

Step 1: All You Need...

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Is white toast bread slices...around 5 slices per hand that you wish to make.

Salted butter

Pepper if you wish.

Thats it!

Step 2:

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Cut off the edges of each slice.

Spread it with butter on one side.

Divide into half -vertically.

Roll each half lengthwise to form 2 sandwich rolls.

Step 3:

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press the open edge of the bread firmly.

Press firmly along the length to form knuckles.

with a butter knife make 3 lines on each finger joint.

with the curve of the knife ,dig in at the tip and round off to indent the nails.

Fingers are ready.

Try making the thumb in a similar fashion slightly stouter and shorter.

For the palm clip off the edges of 2 squares. Apply butter to both slices.

On one slice arrange the fingers. Thumb on one side and slightly lower.

Cover it with the other buttered slice(butter side down).

press around the fingers to form knuckles and hold the fingers in place.

Cut off the edges to shape the palm.

DONE.....the tattered bandaged spooky hand is r...r...ready!

Step 4:

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Present it on a platter so that each one picks up a finger .

You and decorate it with fresh cause bandages to make it even spooky and place on a bread and make scratch marks under the nails.



TwinkletoesKat (author)2015-10-06

Dude you had one job! You could totally have gotten away with Handwich!

hee hee you are right! Handwich

seamster (author)2015-09-22


Love this idea. Very nice and perfectly done!

crystalheart (author)seamster2015-09-28

Seamster! thank you very much. A compliment from you means so much.

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