Introduction: K'Nex Butterfly BattleBot

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This is an invention I made a few months ago. I recommend building two, because you could then use them to battle against each other. (P.S. If you don't have enough pieces, you could just build the steering mechanism and the chassis!)

Step 1: Parts Count

Hint: The parts are in size order!


White: 4

3-D Blue: 10

Yellow: 30

3-D Purple: 10

Green: 40

Red: 23

Light Grey: 4

Orange: 28

Dark Grey: 50


Red: 2

Yellow: 12

Blue: 40

Cut Blue: 12

White: 58

Green: 95


Large wheel: 4

Small wheel: 2

Blue/Black hinge: 2

Tan lock:14

Grey spacer: 2

Blue spacer:4

Step 2: Chassis

Picture of Chassis

Step 3: Steering

Picture of Steering

Step 4: Front Armor

Picture of Front Armor

Step 5: Back Armor

Picture of Back Armor

Step 6: Assembly

Picture of Assembly


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