Step 1: Make a Border

Make a border around the loom bored

Step 2: Make a Line From Middle Up

Make a line strait up from the middle peg

Step 3: Make Xs

Make little xs all the way up the loom bored

Step 4: Add Capping Bands

Add capping bands all the way down overlapping each other.

Step 5: LOOM!

Loom the orange bands( again this is just my pattern )

Step 6: LOOM! (again)

Loom the blue bands (just my pattern) over

Step 7: LOOM! (yet Again)

Now loom the green bands over

Step 8: Bracelet!!!

Take a band and loom it thru the end of the bracelet pull it thru itself and take off the bracelet

Step 9: TADA!!!

Yes,this is my original design. Thanks!
<p>Your'e welcome!</p>
<p>Is that your original design? If it is, you did a great job designing it!</p>
Needs clear instruction pictures
not a rainbow loom

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Bio: Just a hippy trying to have some fun.
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