Introduction: Butterfly Flower Card

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Step 1: Materials

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1. Creative and colorful paper
2. Sketching pencil
3. Marker/ pen
4. Tape
5. Scissors
6. Imagination

Step 2: Card

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Get a pice of paper (mine is different color on both sides) and pick on side for you decor. We will not be folding this card in half for this activity.

Step 3: Begin Flower

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Take different pieces of paper and cut different shapes of flowers each one getting smaller than the other. I did about three. Tape of glue together and on to top left corner of card. Your flower should not be bigger than the butterfly (next step butterfly takes up most of the bottom space of card)

Step 4: Butterfly

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On paper of your choice sketch you butterfly outline and cut out. Then take other paper and make designs on your butterfly. You can also add a little bling. (This is where you use your imagination)

Step 5: Dimensions

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Fold the bigger wings up so there is a nice easy folding crease. You may need to cut a slit from wings into body where the large wings meet the small. Now take scrap paper and make 2 little springs.attach one spring to one large wing and do the same for the other. Attach the bottom of the butterfly to the card and elevate the rest with the springs you secure.

Step 6: Decorate

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Decorate the front with patterns

Step 7: Write a Message on the Back

Picture of Write a Message on the Back

This is your time to write your message on the back. In my case, I'm writing "Welcome Home!"


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