I started off with wanting to make my daughter a mobile, and after much thought and consideration, I decided that I wanted to make her something that she wasn't going to grow too old for, but rather something she might grow bored of as she gets older. So this brought me to the idea of making her something thought would ignite her imagination and child-like wonder as well as be something that could be enjoyed by an adult.

I found a mobile similar to the one I was making that I could have ordered, but I liked mine much better. But it did give me an idea for how to improve upon my mobile while I worked on it. Here's the link to it:


Once finished, I enjoyed the project so much, as well as others I've shown, that I decided to share how to make this. Some of the pictures are from the mobile I made for my daughter, and some are from the one I made for a friend's slightly older daughter. 

To start off with, we're going to need supplies. 

Materials Needed
 - Paper (I used book pages from an old ruined book I had on hand)
 - Scissors
 - Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue Sticks
 - Thread
 - Needle or Pin
 - Beads (or something else to weight down the string. I dissected a cheap broken bracelet I had on hand, as well as some earrings I made a while back and had sitting around.)
 - Sticks (I gathered mine from outside off the ground. You can use something else if you want.)
 - Hemp Twine (or something similar if you desire)
 - Food coloring + Spray bottle (or use alternative methods of coloring the paper)
 - Key chain ring

This took me about 9 hours total to complete. It should take you about the same. 
lalefty2 years ago
Great instructions. Thanks
I always wanted to make a butterfly mobile. yours turned out really cute, great work!
werewolfchik (author) 2 years ago
You're right, thank you! I hadn't realized I hadn't put one of the finished product.