Picture of Butterfly Nails
These nails are a bit of a challenge, but are super cute and summery! This step-by-step instructable will show you exactly how to do this design! Please rate, comment, and check out my other designs! If you like what you see, follow me! :) Thank you and enjoy!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I used these for my design, all you really need is a bright color with shine (I used yellow), a clear coat, a Sally Hansen black nail art pen, and a white polish with a skinny brush. This should total all to about $15.

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Paint every nail yellow. You may need multiple coats. Let dry COMPLETELY.

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
I'm not exactly sure how to explain this next part- Look at the pictures for the order of what to do- use your nail art pen for this.

Step 4: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
Use your white to dab tiny white dots. If you make a mistake, remember that you can easily touch it up with the nail art pen.

Step 5: Step 4

Picture of Step 4
Repeat steps 2-3 with the other nails!

Step 6: Fin!

Picture of Fin!
And with that, you're done! Allow you nails to dry for about half an hour before applying a top coat! :) Thank you for viewing- Please rate and leave comments :) Check out my other designs, too! And follow me- I add new designs often! Thank you :D
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