Butterfly Pencil





Introduction: Butterfly Pencil

A butterfly knife with a pencil instead of a blade.

Step 1: Recommended Items...

To make this teacher or co-worker-freaking-out pencil you will need a couple of items:

1. A multi-tool or a knife and screwdriver (+ or - or both).

2. Two small(1/4 inch to 1/2 inch) screws.

3. A long dowel or stick about the diameter of the pencil you are using. I recommend using a slightly larger diameter dowel/stick, that way you can enclose the pencil better making it more compact.

4. A pencil (obviously. Except I took this picture after I made it so there is a pen in the picture.

5. A small chunk of plastic from an easter bucket or something plastic, thin, and worthless. I used the bottom of an empty O-J jug.

6. Tape. Anything except scotch tape should work

7. A marker to decorate it ( optional ).

Step 2: Put the Materials to Work...

First of all I don't want anyone stabbing people with this pencil. That is not the use it was intended for and a non-butterfly pencil would be much more effective in causing pain or injury.

The contraption will be built in a series of three steps: fastening the pencil and preparing the hinge, making the handle, and making the hinge which completes the product.

First, gather your pencil, tape and plastic. Now place the pencil in between the plastic pieces and tape it there. It should look like this:

Step 3: The Handles...

In this step you will be shown how I made the handles. Remember-this is just a guide of how I made one of these. I encourage you to try new versions of this and tell me about your improvements. For the handles I used a fairly strait stick that I found that was slightly larger than the pencil. real butterfly knives enclose the knife almost completely. If you use a larger stick you can carve out the inside of it and enclose the pencil like the real thing. I didn't feel this was necessary so I simply cut the stick into two equally sized pieces and drove the screws into one end of each stick. You want the holes to be near the end and you want the stick to split. When the screws are all the way through the stick, take them out, press the split parts together and tape them. I have found this is a stronger hold that if the stick did not split and you did not tape it. Now poke holes through the tape where the hole in the stick is. Do this to each stick and you will be ready for the next step.

Step 4: The Finishing Touch...

All you need to do now is put the handles in between the plastic on the sides and put the screws through the holes. You will need to tweak it so that you can flip it out. I widened the holes so there was less friction when the handles moved. this helped a lot. Also it helps if the screws aren't in so tight. you may also need to trim off the top of the handles so that the hole in the handles is closer to the edge. If the hole is too far away from the edge, the top of the handle will stop the handles from spinning all of the way around because they will hit the pencil.

If you want to decorate it, I decorated mine by taping both handles and coloring the tape with a sharpie. I also colored the plastic. If the screws stick out the other end you can cut them off with a dremel or clip them off with a with a wire clipper but I suggest covering them up with mechanical pencil erasers. That way it stays together better. Below is my finished one. I didn't think this would require a lock so I didn't make one (To tell the truth I wasn't exactly sure how to go about doing it either. if anyone makes a lock for it tell me how it works.) If you have any questions or comments or if I need to clear anything up leave a comment and I will get back to you soon.




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I would've made one when I was a kid, very cool. Be careful in school though. Nowadays kids get booted for the silliest things.

I totally agree. I got in a bit of trouble making a paper kunai and this kid got suspended for eating a pop tart into a gun shape.

Congrats! You are the first person to comment. That's very true. My friend got kicked off the bus for a week because a dyslexic kid thought a picture in a magazine of an airsoft gun was real. another friend suspended after turning off someone's computer after that someone stabbed him in the leg with a thumb tack so hard he had to get a tetanus shot.

wow... lets see... oh! My extremely Russian friend Konnor once spit in a teachers face and got suspended for that, a "special" student, Alfredo, had a seizure when another guy hit him in the head with a baseball after baseball practice, and a kid also got expelled for bringing a can of AXE and a bic lighter to school and caught a table and some carpet on fire. Not to mention all the drug busts we have (1 almost every day), thats how "terrific" my school is.

you live in vegas dont you?

wow? that is seriously amazing. I think the problem is that no one wants to trust kids these days. schools have no right to act like this. think you'd get in trouble for this?

Dude bowmaster i know how you feel about people

I got in trouble for breaking this kids wrist when I disarmed him of the knife HE pulled on ME!!

A lot of adults would think about it like this: let him stab you then sue like you've never sued before. this way you end up with a couple thousand dollars because they traumatized you for life. what they fail to recognize is that no one wants to be traumatized for life.