A butterfly knife with a pencil instead of a blade.

Step 1: Recommended Items...

To make this teacher or co-worker-freaking-out pencil you will need a couple of items:

1. A multi-tool or a knife and screwdriver (+ or - or both).

2. Two small(1/4 inch to 1/2 inch) screws.

3. A long dowel or stick about the diameter of the pencil you are using. I recommend using a slightly larger diameter dowel/stick, that way you can enclose the pencil better making it more compact.

4. A pencil (obviously. Except I took this picture after I made it so there is a pen in the picture.

5. A small chunk of plastic from an easter bucket or something plastic, thin, and worthless. I used the bottom of an empty O-J jug.

6. Tape. Anything except scotch tape should work

7. A marker to decorate it ( optional ).
I would've made one when I was a kid, very cool. Be careful in school though. Nowadays kids get booted for the silliest things.
<p>I totally agree. I got in a bit of trouble making a paper kunai and this kid got suspended for eating a pop tart into a gun shape.</p>
Congrats! You are the first person to comment. That's very true. My friend got kicked off the bus for a week because a dyslexic kid thought a picture in a magazine of an airsoft gun was real. another friend suspended after turning off someone's computer after that someone stabbed him in the leg with a thumb tack so hard he had to get a tetanus shot.
wow... lets see... oh! My extremely Russian friend Konnor once spit in a teachers face and got suspended for that, a "special" student, Alfredo, had a seizure when another guy hit him in the head with a baseball after baseball practice, and a kid also got expelled for bringing a can of AXE and a bic lighter to school and caught a table and some carpet on fire. Not to mention all the drug busts we have (1 almost every day), thats how "terrific" my school is.
you live in vegas dont you?
nope, good ol' oregon.
wow? that is seriously amazing. I think the problem is that no one wants to trust kids these days. schools have no right to act like this. think you'd get in trouble for this?
Dude bowmaster i know how you feel about people
I got in trouble for breaking this kids wrist when I disarmed him of the knife HE pulled on ME!!
A lot of adults would think about it like this: let him stab you then sue like you've never sued before. this way you end up with a couple thousand dollars because they traumatized you for life. what they fail to recognize is that no one wants to be traumatized for life.
It was a 6 inch switchblade and it was at school.
And, of course, 6 inches of metal going into your flesh is bound to cause some sort of fatal injury.
that would be my guess too.
I hate people.
i have the same point of view on the legal system if a theif breaks into your house and is attacked by your dog, he/she has the right to sue you for in and you have to pay for not having a beware of dog sign. does this mean that if a rapist wore a t-shirt saying 'beware of the rapist!' he/she has the right to rape/pillage/plunder to their heart's content and then sue the person for disregarding the warning on their t-shirt? i hope not.
EXACTLY. I especially hate Obama's views on universal health care. Basically everyone gets healthcare, whether they pay or not. And if some lazy bum gets healthcare that I, a hard-working citizen, provide him, THEN hell no, son.<br /> <br /> <br /> My dad put it this way. Some lazy dude goes ahead, breaks his arm, and gets healed at the hospital (WITH&nbsp;MY&nbsp;MONEY). He then goes, with his healed arm, and murders/kills/robs me, a provider for him. Do I want this? No.
What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
thanks this thing is quite fun. i used popsicle sticks because i had them on hand but i had to shorten the pen. this is what mine looks like. i apologize for the crapiness but my camera screen is broken<br />
you should add a pen instead.
post an instructable on how to make a good fist! The easiest, fairest man made weapon!
teeth work when your desprate
A lock could be done with a piece of string or wire, one end is attached to one handle tip, then it loops over the other tip, holding them together. I like this, and I think I'm going to do it except with Popsicle sticks for the handles, kind of like how your knife in the first pic works.
2nd, picture, I mean.
I was going to post a switchblade instructable but I got in a lot of trouble for bringing that one to school so I probably won't post it. apparently, this qualifies as a look-alike weapon: They said it is the same thing as bringing a cap gun.
hey could you post an instruc on that?
rip one side off of the butterfly pen and put a rubber band on it. if you really need an instructable I will make one.
i am not too sure that that should be categorized as a look like. it doesn't quite fit...
that's what I said.
Amazingly, I did get in a bit of trouble for this. I flipped it out and the teacher freaked out and asked me what it was so I told her it was just a pen and showed it to her. she didn't believe me I don't think but, oh well. she seems to be watching me now...

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