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Introduction: Butterfly Pendant. Photos Only

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For a step by step instructable click here.

The wings started out as a square inch of 22 gage sheet metal. The antennae are a paper clip. The body is fashioned from a wood nail.

Butterfly wings have so many different shapes. After looking at a bunch, these wings are my interpretation of what they look like. I used the same method from my keychain monster for embossing.




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I've been really inspired by your work, and I'm looking to start my own small metal projects now.

I'm concerned about longevity, though - do any materials keep a good shine indefinitely if well cared for? For example, if I fashioned something out of a nickel would it cloud up eventually from corrosion? I expect that your copper leaf pendant will eventually turn green (which happens to be appropriate!) but I want to be sure that my shine will last a long time before putting in the elbow grease to properly polish something.

Also, where do you get your old pennies? I have a huge amount and haven't found a single one that was old enough yet.

Thanks so much for your inspiration, keep doing awesome work and spreading the smiles!

Yes they do just fine. Nickel does very well. It's actually used in marine applications due to it's ability to withstand corrosion from sea water. Steel of course will rust if wet. But I have noticed polished steel does not rust compared to brushed steel. Polishing doesn't take that long so don't be concerned your going to sanding for hours.

My method for finding old pennies is as follows. Find the darkest penny in the bunch and look at the date. That works most the time for me.

Thanks for all the nice words.

This turned out so beautiful!

gorgeous...simply gorgeous and your right you can make almost anything out of something, it just take a creative mind and you defendanty have one of those.

Once again, another outstanding example of your creative and beautiful craftsmanship. 5 of 5

Oh my goodness, congratulations!!

Hi, Did You use Putty or something to hold all those parts to Solder.? Or 3 Sets of "Helping Hands"...HAR.! cOOl.!

The curve of the wings held it in the right position. All I had to do is lay it flat and apply the flame.

Great Stuff, I used to be that steady HAR, of course a Flame and patience should do It. Thank You.! G-G

i am not a butterfly person but i love this. you are very clever. this would look perfect hanging from anyones neck. i would definitely vote for it. can't wait for the instructable. i would love to try a dragonfly.........
thanks so much for sharing