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Introduction: Butterfly Charm

These butterfly charms do not need a loom ,only a hook and to make one butterfly charm you need 16 rubber bands also these butterfly charms are also good for birthday presents, Christmas presents etc. you can put them on bracelets too.

so read on to make a lovely butterfly charm!

Step 1: Step 1

For step 1 you need four piles of four, one pile for the body and the head, one pile for the inner of the butterfly wing, one pile for the middle part of the wing, and another pile for the outside of the wing.you do not have to have four different colours you can have one different colour, two different colours or three different colours.

Today I am making the butterfly in the picture with four different colours.

Step 2: Step 2

first take your first rubber band you want for the body and twist it four times,next take two rubber bands of the same colour and put them on the end of the hook.next slide it onto the two black bands and then because you have got two rubber bands on each side put one rubber bands inside of each other do the same for the other side it should look like the last picture.

Step 3: Step 3

then get the rubber band you want for the outside part of of the wing and twist it four times it should look like this

Step 4: Step 4

Next take the two rubber bands,you want one rubber band for the inner side of the wing and one for the middle of the wing.put the rubber band that you want for the inner side of the wing second on the hook and take the rubber band that you want for the the middle of the wing first. Then slide the outside of the wing onto the two rubber bands like last time.

Step 5: Step 5

(Then put it on your hook )copy step 4 and the first part of step 5 three more times

Step 6: Step 6

once you have made the wing, with the same hook you used to put the butterfly's wings on take the body and on one of the loops push all of the wings onto it and then take the end by your hands and pull the head up and put the end over the head and it should create sort of a slip knot.

Step 7: Step 7

finally take the last band which is the body colour and twist in the middle till the body is tight and there is is your simple butterfly

Please comment me about how you did and if you got stuck or confused tell me which step it is

Bye see you soon hope for feedback



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    I thought this was very clear, thankyou, this is amazing :)

    instructions are very unclear towards the end after the step 5 pictures

    it is easy once you know all the steps

    I'm confused straight awy

    please take pictures to show me you made it

    I don't get the end of step four. Please elaborate on the last sentence.

    you push the purple that you twisted onto the two bands at the end of the hook