This post is on how to make a beautiful wall decor incorporating origami in butterfly shape.

Step 1: Materials Required

Color paper/Origami paper


Double sided tape/one sided tap

Step 2:

I chose 15cmx15cm. If you are using color paper, make sure you take a
square paper. Its simple, just fold two diagonally opposite sides and make sure a clean triangle is formed, cut the remaining.

Step 3:

Fold the other side diagonally as well to get a “X”.

Step 4:

Fold horizontally and vertically as well.

Step 5:

When you open, You should have a “X” and “+”

Step 6:

Fold on the horizontal line.

On the right side, push from the top side diagonally till the marked end (halfway)

Step 7:

This is how it will look like now from top. Push the edge completely inside to form a right angled triangle.

Step 8:

Do the same on the other side.

Step 9:

Now fold the triangles. Cut on the bottom edge as per the marked line (a small curve)

Step 10:

Open up and fold the curved edge along the green line to the top.

Step 11:

Do it on the other side to form a Heart.

Step 12:

Now turn it upside down

Step 13:

This is the tricky part, take the bottom edge and fold & move, by
popping the heart, and moving towards the top so that a small triangle is formed on the top as shown in the picture.

Step 14:

Now bend this triangle on top and join the top wings, folding in between.

Step 15:

Pinch the middle portion from outside, after folding.

Step 16:

Open the wings and here is your beautiful butterfly :)

Step 17:

I made them in rainbow colors and pasted them on wall using tapes. Trust me it looks amazing in person than on the pic :)
Its time to make a big flower near the butterflies

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<p>Cute idea! I'm definitely going to make this for my room! </p>
<p>Happy with the outcome...</p>
<p>Beautiful and Amazing staff</p>
Sorry dont feel bad
Sorry dont feel bad
Ya images are good and clear, but still i did not understand step 16. It looks awesome in images, by which you feel to make immediatly, but after making you feel gizzy. I feel your this butterfly origami is of no use<br>
Ya images are good and clear, and writing is superb but still i did not understand step 16. Dont you think its a bit tricky. These paper butterflies look awesome in images but after making it in reality you will feel gizzy, cause they are not awesome that much but good. I feel its waste of time and paper<br>
awesome..... I just made it by white paper and I will try by colour papers to decorate my room<br>
<p>Thank you :)</p>
Yr . Praveena. Ek dum mst lga enko.bnake. i feel great. Because i dont know that type of beautiful paper work......
Really nice instructions. They just look amazing on the wall.
<p>Thank you Saiyam... they do look good on the wall! :) </p>
Very very well written! Those look cute on the wall
<p>Thank you :) I took half a day to try and write the instructions clear, glad to hear that the instructions help you understand :)</p>

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