Step 4: Add Vinegar

Add ingredients:
  • Add vinegar to the milk
  • Stir
Very interesting. When I was a student (always poor), I consumed a lot of milk; sometimes it got sour, and then I let it in its sachet for 24 hours, so it coagulated and I could eat it, almost as it were yoghurt.<br><br>Can you explain me what is clambered milk? I could not find the meaning.
Clambered milk is milk that's been in the fridge so long it starts trying to clamber out when you open the door. :-) Seriously, you'll have more luck searching for the correct spelling: clabbered milk.
That was my mistake actually. I have trouble reading sometimes with my glasses it is a thing that can't be corrected with glasses. I just wanted to share something you probably already know but I want to thank you for the way you commented. I have read where other people have made kind of embarrassing comments about spelling mistakes that could have been directed a little more discreet. Instructables is a world wide site. We have members all over the world. Not all people are English speaking people and they like to visit other cultures and read and share. They use a translator that does not always translate correctly because of many different things involved in translating. My son is engaged to a girl who speaks English but not perfect English. She is educated and uses a translator. I can understand what she sends me but the translator does not translate it correctly. Thanks for stopping by and please do have a nice day.<br>Sunshiine
I made a spelling mistake on my first instructable. Luckily it was because I fooled the spell check and the person who pointed it out thought I was being very clever and I was able to laugh it off. I have always been terrible at spelling and I am very self concision about it. I think some people forget that instructables are posted by real people taking time out of their busy day to share a little bit of knowledge or talent hope to help some one out. We do not have a team of people reviewing our work and sometimes we are in a hurry. Sunshiine, Thank You for taking the time to share your tip with us!
I have made my share of many mistakes but it never changes the enjoyment I get when I post a new Instructable. This is a great place to share. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a beautiful day!<br>Sunshiine
The reason you can't find the term is the author has misspelled it.&nbsp; The term is <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clabber_%28food%29">clabbered milk</a>.&nbsp; The coagulated milk you ate as a student was likely clabbered milk.&nbsp;
Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Sometimes I have vision problems and miss those. Thanks for sharing! Sunshiine
It is almost buttermilk. It was made with unpasteurized milk. It is also known as sour milk. Maybe this will help:<a href="http://www.foodrenegade.com/how-to-make-buttermilk/">http://www.foodrenegade.com/how-to-make-buttermilk/</a>&nbsp;.Thanks for commenting rimar2000!
I want that cupcake, NOW! ;-D
I saved one just for you!
Real buttermilk is fast and easy to make at home. First you put a cup or two of whipping cream into a mixer. Turn on the mixer and let it go. It is interesting to watch the cream whip from soft peaks to firm and then pass on to a solid mass of butter. The liquid left behind after the butter fat solidifies is fresh buttermilk - and very tasty. It takes less than 5 minutes to make. There are Instructables about making butter.
I'm going to try this. Thanks for the mini tutorial!<br>
Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Have a super day!<br>Sunshiine
I put buttermilk in my coffee the other morning while in a dark kitchen........ Yea, I don't recommend it :(
lol... you are too funny!!!
Now that is a classic! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
This works with soy milk too.
really? u tried it? would it work with almond milk??
I hope she replies to your question. I would think if it worked with soy it would with almond also. But I don't know much about this. I like almond milk but find it a little too sweet so if I try making it I won't use as much sugar if that is what they add to it. Maybe almond milk is naturally sweet. Thanks for stopping in and have a great day! Sunshiine.
Thanks for sharing! Oh my you are vegan! I must stop over and look at your profile. My daughter is vegan. If I find any information on that I share it with her. I know there are a lot of good benefits to eating vegan. Your input is much appreciated! Have a beautiful day! Sunshiine
I have to say that real buttermilk has a much better flavor, but this will do in a pinch.
Yes, it is best to use yogurt but your right it is good in a pinch.<br>

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