• Known in some places as loose meat, it's basically a sauceless sloppy joe with my personal twist

Step 1: Why ?

Why not ! Actually I was thinking about making a butter burger but all I had was long rolls so I adapted on the fly
This is definitely a "guys night out" meal that is to be consumed in the wee hours of the morning, sir. Excellent. Have you done a variation with steak'ums? You've worked a little magic with those bad boys in the past...
oddly enough it's the ladies making all the drooling comments on facebook. I haven't done any variations with this as of yet but the steak-ums IS a good possibility, perhaps with a bleu/cream cheese mousse and BACON........ Thanks for the ego pat..
Awesome, sir.....awesome.
Hiya - glad to see your back on form with the man nosh. <br> <br>Made your meatloaf a while ago - and a few times since - never fails. <br> <br>Keep em comin
LOL.. Thanks Darren but all things in moderation so I hope some of my future heart healthy meals will still feel like &quot;man nosh&quot; <br>

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