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easy and creative buttom bowl !

Step 1: What You Need:

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you will need :
1.button : as much as you want in any type but flat ( for this size i use about 25-30
2.a knife
3.Transparent glue stick
4.a glass bowl ( you can use any kind of bowl but it should be hard.
5. Aluminum foil
6. slim plastic cover ( that is used for covering food, etc)

Step 2: Cover the Bowl

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cover the bowl with Aluminum foil very tight. the push the additional parts under the bowl and fix it with your hands so the foil will have the exact shape of the bowl.
then cover foil and bowl with one layer of plastic cover very tight and do the same under the bowl.

Step 3: Start Putting Button

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use knife for rubbing the glue at bowl. paste each button one by one carefully on the bowl. make sure the glue is not too much on the surface. do it until you fill the bowl.

Step 4: More Glue

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rub the glue on the buttons to fix them after they became dry. make sure you make a flat surface.

Step 5: Done!

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wait 24h , for best result but the time depends on the type of your glue and how big is the bowl. then cut off the foil and plastic cover from under the bowl slowly, and seperate it from the buttons. you cant make this with colourfull buttons too!

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RamziS4 (author)2016-11-01

it's amazing.. see this wooden one

MINECRAFTfern (author)2015-03-17

"Button" is spelled wrong but other than that great instructable :)

Sadaf_SN7 (author)MINECRAFTfern2015-03-18

tanX i fixed it :D small keyboard pbs ;)

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Bio: Hi i am Sadaf! i enjoy working with plastic,paper and everything Recyclable to make new things.i also love using different kinds of glue! .
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